on the mend

I managed to sleep straight through until 5:30am this morning.  This was a vast improvement over the previous night, where I coughed for about 2 hours straight in the wee small hours.  However, after giving Baby J a 5:30 feeding this morning, I was unable to lie back down without coughing.  So I went downstairs and surfed the web for a while.  I can always find something interesting there.

When I got up for real around 8am, Lyd said to me, “Momma, you have your voice back again!”  And, so I (almost) do.  It’s not quite normal yet, but I was able to sing while I taught my Babies music class this morning.  Hopefully one or two more good nights’ sleep will finish off this bug for good.  I was grateful to be able to sleep without coughing last night.

And, finally, can I just say that I love my husband?  Because I do.  And that’s all I’m going to say about that.



so sneaky

Four and a half year olds think they are SO SMART!  Lyd is probably the slowest eater in the 4 year old world.  Very poky.  Not necessarily picky, just poky.  I think she gets bored by it, as there are so many other interesting things she could be doing.  I am currently in the family room, typing, watching Baby J roll around, and listening to the melodius sounds of a Baby Einstein video.  (It’s the Neighborhood Animals one, if you’re interested in those kind of mundane details.)  Lyd is supposed to be finishing her supper in the kitchen, but she keeps being lured in by the sound of the “baby video,” as she calls it.  She keeps trying to sneak a peek around the corner, even though it is logistically impossible for her to see the TV screen without actually entering at least 3 feet into the room.  I’m finding it amusing to watch her attempt to sneak into the room, thinking that I won’t see her.  Who is she kidding?  ha ha   It’s also amazing how many excuses she can come up with for not having her behind firmly planted on her chair, as it’s supposed to be when she’s eating.  Goofy girl.  Where did she learn this sneakiness?  Could it be, just maybe, possibly — ORIGINAL SIN?  Good thing she’s baptized!  Apparently, JJ and I do not create perfect children; they need forgiveness, just like the rest of us.

I had a less-than-fun night last night.  Baby J slept wonderfully, waking up on the dot at 4am.  Unfortunately, I had already been awake since 2am with spasms of dry coughing.  Amazing, my husband, lying next to me in bed, also slept peacefully through my convulsive hacking coughs.  HOW does he do that?  Absolutely amazing!  I am thankful that my household remained sleeping despite my distress.  However, around 3:30am, I was finally overcome with a desperate need to whine to SOMEONE, so I woke JJ up, explained the situation, and said, “What should I do?”  (This is actually pretty funny, as I am the health expert at our house.  Why I thought that JJ would actually be able to do anything to help me was kind of strange, and indicative of the sleep-deprived state I was in.)  However, he did help me in that he suggested that I prop myself up on another pillow, and then gave me one of his pillows.  Finally, he left to sleep with Lyd for the rest of the night, leaving me in peace so I wouldn’t have to worry about waking him up.  The third pillow helped; or maybe it was just that the Delsym cough medicine finally kicked in.  Because after the 4am nursing, I was able to fall asleep until 7:55, when I realized that if I didn’t get up immediately and get into the shower RIGHT NOW, before the baby woke up, my limited amount of time to get ready before teaching would become severly compromised.

I did get up, everything did get done pre-teaching, I even arrived just as the first parent was unloading her child out of her car, and I managed (somehow!) to get through two classes with my still-croaky voice.  And, oddly, despite my night of coughing, I didn’t need a single cough drop during class.  Go figure.

Well, Lyd finally did finish her food, and is now sitting on the floor next to Baby J, eating one of the fresh chocolate chip cookies that she and I just made an hour ago.  They’re called “Kitchen Sink Cookies,” and they’re essentially your basic CC recipe, but with oatmeal, coconut, and corn flakes added in.  They’re soft yet crunchy — very good.  They’re a nice change of pace from your basic CC cookie.  Jujubee is half watching the video, and half experimenting with getting up on her hands and knees.  For brief half-seconds, she actually does it.  It’s only a matter of time until she’s up and rocking on her hands and knees, and then comes crawling.

Guess I’d better start vacuuming the floor more than once a week from now on!

7 months old!

Today marked 7 months since darling baby Jujubee entered our lives.  We celebrated the day by getting her and her big sister’s pictures taken at Sears.  Lyd informed me today that she will now smile for cameras (HALLELUJAH!!!), and proceeded to pose nicely for some very cute pictures.  Baby J also gave the camera some adorable grins, and I even got a nice shot of the two girls together.  So, all these smiles left me with the problem of deciding which pictures to choose!  This is a nice problem to have, considering that for the last year, my problem has been finding a picture that was good enough.  Hopefully they’ll arive in time for Mother’s Day.  Fingers crossed…

Darling baby Jujubee also marked her 7 month birthday by being super smiley and cheerful all day. 🙂  It was one of those days where I just love having a baby around.  She’s so soft and cuddly, so happy to be paid attention to, so happy to be held and fed and sung to — I wish this stage could last.  And it’s so interesting to see her personality begin to emerge.  This process is one of those things that you intellectually knew would happen when you had children, but actually seeing it happen before your eyes is SO different (and so much better!) than anything I could have imagined!

I’m so thankful that no one else in the family has caught my cold yet.  I have this persistent dry cough and mild nasal congestion.  As long as I keep super-hydrated, it’s okay, but if not, well, I’ve had some pretty nasty coughing spasms today.  Can you say, “Ricola”?  Hopefully this cough will not keep me up tonight like it did last night, and I can get some sleep and get over this cold.  If I don’t improve by tomorrow, teaching my two music classes tomorrow morning will be … interesting.

Not Finished Yet

I had been pondering starting my own blog for a number of months, even since a certain friend started her own blog.  (Ruth, you know who you are! 🙂 )  But, I’ve read enough blogs to know that it’s nice to have a catchy title for one’s blog.  So, here’s the two-fold story behind my blog’s title.

1) When I was growing up, there was a small hand-stitched picture on my wall of a little girl with brown pigtails.  Next to her were the words “Please be patient with me; God isn’t finished with me yet.”  Seeing that picture over and over through my childhood made an impression on me.  Now, although I am (theoretically) grown up, I still feel like I have such a long way to go before I’m truly grown up.  I still say and do things that later make me bang my forehead against my hand in disbelief at my sheer idiocy, selfishness, and/or complete lack of tact.  So, I would definitely say that I am “not finished yet” since I am not yet the woman I would like to become.  Realistically, I don’t think I will be the woman I want to be until I arrive in heaven, but it doesn’t mean I will stop making an attempt.

2) Being a perfectionist AND a procrastinator (a lethal duo!), there are so many things in my life that are “not finished yet.”  Baby books, cross-stitch pictures, organizing projects, and more mundane tasks like cleaning, laundry, dishes, the ever-accumulating stack of papers by the phone — I can always find something that is not finished yet.

Will these be finished someday?  Maybe.  But regardless of whether things are finished or not, I am so thankful for the life with which I have been blessed.  I have a wonderful husband, two beautiful girls, family and friends who love me, a part-time job I enjoy, and I know why I’m on this earth and where I’m going.  That’s more than most people have in a lifetime.

So, even though I am “not finished yet” in many ways, I know that I am exactly where God wants me to be.  All of this around me is temporary.  Someday it really won’t matter whether I was organized or not.  What will matter is that I know and love Jesus as my Savior, that I turn to him for daily forgiveness and strength, and that I try my best to demonstrate God’s love to the people in my life.  I also want to join with my husband to do our best to raise our girls to know and love Jesus as their Savior, and to give them a living example of what a Christian life and marriage look like.

I am not finished yet.  And it’s a good place to be.

Do you hear that?

THAT is the sound of Emily banging her head against a wall.

Now that gas has hit $4.00 a gallon here in northern CA, I’m making even more of an effort to minimize my driving.  But, the price of gas notwithstanding, I needed to make a trip to my local Safeway grocery store.  I wasn’t able to combine it with any other trips, so I resolved to make the most of this one trip, really stocking up on groceries.  I figure the price of food is only going to go up anyway, so why not buy it now?  So, with the two girls in tow, I proceed to leisurely work my way through the aisles of Safeway, filling up my cart good and proper.  Finally, I get in line to check out, and as the clerk begins to scan my items, I reach into my purse to pull out my Safeway Club card.  But, as soon as I unzip my purse, I realize that my wallet is not in it.  My coupons were there, my diaper changing kit was there, my cough drops, raisins, burp cloth, and chewy toys were all there too, but my wallet was safely in my other purse at home, the purse that I took to my music teaching classes this morning.

%&*#@ !!!!

Luckily Ben, the assistant manager at Safeway, was very understanding of the mother with the horrible voice who was barely able to talk (my cold has decided to settle in my voicebox these past few days), with the two girls dressed in Packer garb, and the cart full of stuff, including a box of Embarrasing Unmentionables.  So, after repeated promises on my part that I would be right back, I hustled back out to the van, tried not to crazily race home (although apparently I failed, as my dear husband JJ was also returning home from a trip to visit someone in the UCSF hospital, was right behind me on our little frontage road, and said, “Boy, you were driving like a bat out of purgatory!”), gave JJ charge of the girls, grabbed my wallet, and sped back to Safeway.  Ben was very nice to me; he had even put my cart of bagged groceries in the back refrigerator to keep my perishables cold.  He assured me that this happened frequently; I can’t imagine it happens THAT often, but then again, he should know.

In the end, it all worked out.  My efforts to reduce my driving and save gas were pretty much a failure, but I did have a thorough shopping trip, and eventually my groceries made it home.  I didn’t get in a car accident despite my befuddled emotional state.  And my pride?  I left that on the conveyor belt in the checkout line.

(But, I am proud of myself for remembering to bring my own bags to Safeway!  I am so GREEN!)

a slice of CA road life

While on my way home from my second trip to Safeway in half an hour (more about that later), I noticed the unusual mix of cars around me: a tomato-red big-mama Hummer, a 1960’s Pontiac Cavalier (in mint condition), a fancy Camaro convertible (with the top down), a Lexus SUV, a beat-up minivan, a Toyota Tundra, and my own 2004 Honda Odyssey.  Maybe not the strangest combo one could create, but it still struck me as a little out of the ordinary.

Just another day in northern CA.

Momma needs sleep!

So Jujubee had been sleeping well at night, waking up only once at night to nurse, and then going right back to sleep until morning.  But by about the middle of last week, she started waking up twice at night to nurse.  Okaaaayyyy.  Not sure what that was about.  But early Monday morning topped it all off.  She woke up around 1:45 a.m. to nurse, and then refused to go back to sleep.  Crying, crying, crying, crying.  Not cries of pain, but definitely cries of “Why won’t you come in and PLAY WITH ME, MOM?”  I went in occasionally, but then she started crying in ways that made me think, “Okay, NOW she’ll fall asleep!”  But, no dice.  Finally around 4am, JJ said, “Why don’t you just bring her in bed with us?” which I haven’t done in months.  But, after initially resisting, I finally decided to do it.  I brought her into bed and nursed her lying down, and lo and behold, she fell asleep!  Hallelujah!  Then I faced the decision of whether to continue to let her sleep in my bed, thereby assuring myself that I would sleep very lightly the rest of the night, or take the risk of transferring her to the crib whereby she MIGHT wake up.  I decided to take the risk, and moved her into the crib with no incident.  Yea!  She was back in her bed by 4:30 a.m.

Of course, then I couldn’t fall back asleep.  Go figure.  And I could tell that my throat was becoming sore and scratchy.  This is what happens when you teeter on the brink of ‘barely getting enough sleep’ for too many months – any deviation from the normal routine pushes you over into the Pit of Illness.  When I finally was woken up by Lyd 2 hours later, I knew it was not going to be a good day.

However, the day was made better by a playdate with my good friend who has a boy Lyd’s age, and a baby girl Jujubee’s age.  And, I was only woken up once last night, at 4:15 a.m. by a baby who went right back to sleep after eating.

Now if this darn sore throat and general achiness and weariness would just go away…