7 months old!

Today marked 7 months since darling baby Jujubee entered our lives.  We celebrated the day by getting her and her big sister’s pictures taken at Sears.  Lyd informed me today that she will now smile for cameras (HALLELUJAH!!!), and proceeded to pose nicely for some very cute pictures.  Baby J also gave the camera some adorable grins, and I even got a nice shot of the two girls together.  So, all these smiles left me with the problem of deciding which pictures to choose!  This is a nice problem to have, considering that for the last year, my problem has been finding a picture that was good enough.  Hopefully they’ll arive in time for Mother’s Day.  Fingers crossed…

Darling baby Jujubee also marked her 7 month birthday by being super smiley and cheerful all day. 🙂  It was one of those days where I just love having a baby around.  She’s so soft and cuddly, so happy to be paid attention to, so happy to be held and fed and sung to — I wish this stage could last.  And it’s so interesting to see her personality begin to emerge.  This process is one of those things that you intellectually knew would happen when you had children, but actually seeing it happen before your eyes is SO different (and so much better!) than anything I could have imagined!

I’m so thankful that no one else in the family has caught my cold yet.  I have this persistent dry cough and mild nasal congestion.  As long as I keep super-hydrated, it’s okay, but if not, well, I’ve had some pretty nasty coughing spasms today.  Can you say, “Ricola”?  Hopefully this cough will not keep me up tonight like it did last night, and I can get some sleep and get over this cold.  If I don’t improve by tomorrow, teaching my two music classes tomorrow morning will be … interesting.


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  1. I have just stumbled across your blog – and it made pleasant reading! just reminded me of all the little wonderful things and ‘challenges’ you come up against as a parent. i hope your cough and cold will be better for work. good luck!

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