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Four and a half year olds think they are SO SMART!  Lyd is probably the slowest eater in the 4 year old world.  Very poky.  Not necessarily picky, just poky.  I think she gets bored by it, as there are so many other interesting things she could be doing.  I am currently in the family room, typing, watching Baby J roll around, and listening to the melodius sounds of a Baby Einstein video.  (It’s the Neighborhood Animals one, if you’re interested in those kind of mundane details.)  Lyd is supposed to be finishing her supper in the kitchen, but she keeps being lured in by the sound of the “baby video,” as she calls it.  She keeps trying to sneak a peek around the corner, even though it is logistically impossible for her to see the TV screen without actually entering at least 3 feet into the room.  I’m finding it amusing to watch her attempt to sneak into the room, thinking that I won’t see her.  Who is she kidding?  ha ha   It’s also amazing how many excuses she can come up with for not having her behind firmly planted on her chair, as it’s supposed to be when she’s eating.  Goofy girl.  Where did she learn this sneakiness?  Could it be, just maybe, possibly — ORIGINAL SIN?  Good thing she’s baptized!  Apparently, JJ and I do not create perfect children; they need forgiveness, just like the rest of us.

I had a less-than-fun night last night.  Baby J slept wonderfully, waking up on the dot at 4am.  Unfortunately, I had already been awake since 2am with spasms of dry coughing.  Amazing, my husband, lying next to me in bed, also slept peacefully through my convulsive hacking coughs.  HOW does he do that?  Absolutely amazing!  I am thankful that my household remained sleeping despite my distress.  However, around 3:30am, I was finally overcome with a desperate need to whine to SOMEONE, so I woke JJ up, explained the situation, and said, “What should I do?”  (This is actually pretty funny, as I am the health expert at our house.  Why I thought that JJ would actually be able to do anything to help me was kind of strange, and indicative of the sleep-deprived state I was in.)  However, he did help me in that he suggested that I prop myself up on another pillow, and then gave me one of his pillows.  Finally, he left to sleep with Lyd for the rest of the night, leaving me in peace so I wouldn’t have to worry about waking him up.  The third pillow helped; or maybe it was just that the Delsym cough medicine finally kicked in.  Because after the 4am nursing, I was able to fall asleep until 7:55, when I realized that if I didn’t get up immediately and get into the shower RIGHT NOW, before the baby woke up, my limited amount of time to get ready before teaching would become severly compromised.

I did get up, everything did get done pre-teaching, I even arrived just as the first parent was unloading her child out of her car, and I managed (somehow!) to get through two classes with my still-croaky voice.  And, oddly, despite my night of coughing, I didn’t need a single cough drop during class.  Go figure.

Well, Lyd finally did finish her food, and is now sitting on the floor next to Baby J, eating one of the fresh chocolate chip cookies that she and I just made an hour ago.  They’re called “Kitchen Sink Cookies,” and they’re essentially your basic CC recipe, but with oatmeal, coconut, and corn flakes added in.  They’re soft yet crunchy — very good.  They’re a nice change of pace from your basic CC cookie.  Jujubee is half watching the video, and half experimenting with getting up on her hands and knees.  For brief half-seconds, she actually does it.  It’s only a matter of time until she’s up and rocking on her hands and knees, and then comes crawling.

Guess I’d better start vacuuming the floor more than once a week from now on!


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  1. As the aforementioned husband in this blog (you know, the guy who can sleep through anything – remember, I was raised with a train track across the street from my house!), I would just like to add that the aforementioned “kitchen sink cookies” were (note the past tense) quite good.


    Please stand for the Nicene Creed.

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