on the mend

I managed to sleep straight through until 5:30am this morning.  This was a vast improvement over the previous night, where I coughed for about 2 hours straight in the wee small hours.  However, after giving Baby J a 5:30 feeding this morning, I was unable to lie back down without coughing.  So I went downstairs and surfed the web for a while.  I can always find something interesting there.

When I got up for real around 8am, Lyd said to me, “Momma, you have your voice back again!”  And, so I (almost) do.  It’s not quite normal yet, but I was able to sing while I taught my Babies music class this morning.  Hopefully one or two more good nights’ sleep will finish off this bug for good.  I was grateful to be able to sleep without coughing last night.

And, finally, can I just say that I love my husband?  Because I do.  And that’s all I’m going to say about that.