hot times

It was over 100 degrees here today.  On the Peninsula.  This practically NEVER happens.  And this weather is supposed to continue for the next few days.  Tonight the whole family is sleeping downstairs.  All of our bedrooms are upstairs, and just like you learned in science class, heat rises.  Our upstairs stays warm pretty much all year long; most of the time it is great, but on hot days, it turns into a sauna upstairs, even with all the windows open.  Our downstairs stays cool pretty much all year long; most of the time is a huge pain, but on hot days, it comes in really handy.  Like most northern CA homes, ours does NOT have air conditioning.

Remember my trip out alone a week ago where I stopped a Toys ‘R Us and bought a new kiddie pool?  JJ set it up today for the girls.  That same night when I was shopping, I bought matching swimsuits for the girls at Target.  The girls wore them today in the pool, and in my (obviously completely 🙂 ) unbiased opinion, they looked so adorable!  It was the first time I’ve been able to dress them alike, and it was definitely cute.

Tomorrow I teach my boss’s music classes while she’s out of town.  There is no air conditioning where I teach.  I have 3 classes in which I’ll be trying to get people to sing, dance, and generally bounce around.  Sigh.  Maybe we’ll do more than the usual amount of sitting-down songs tomorrow.  I also teach my own classes Saturday morning.  I suspect it’s going to be two warm mornings!

And now, for something completely different, tonight was the season finale of “The Office” on NBC!  It lived up to all expectations, and JJ and I are currently enjoying it a second time as I type this.  At the bottom of my blog are listed some of my favorite links; one link is a website called Office Tally.  If you are at all a fan of this show, then you must visit this website.  It is SO much better than the official NBC website with so much more information.  Tonight’s finale was so exciting!  Unfortunately, this now means that the season is over.   Next week, “Dancing with the Stars” will be over too, and then I will have nothing to watch on TV until fall.  Oh, well.  That’s probably not the worst thing in the world.