cough cough

So that cold I mentioned earlier in the week that I had?  Yeah, it’s still here, lingering around.  Now it’s settled in my lungs.  So far, I think I have avoided getting bronchitis, but I’m definitely not over it yet.  I’m taking my pills of echinacea and grapefruit seed extract, sucking down Cold*eez and cough drops, and drinking water.  I actually feel better today, except for this horrible hacking-up-a-lung cough and stuffy nose.  My chest muscles hurt from coughing, and my nose is raw and red, despite the tissues w/lotion that I’ve been using.

I just really hope that Baby J doesn’t get sick again, because if she does, we’ll probably have to start using a nebulizer with her again, as all colds go straight to her lungs for some reason.  However, I’m a little hopeful that she might not get it because A) she had a bad, croup-y cold last week, and perhaps this is just my turn to have her cold and B) she’s been sleeping super-well at night.  The past three nights she has slept from the time I put her down around 8pm to at least 4:30 if not 5 or 5:30.  Superb!  And what a perfect time to start sleeping like this, when Momma is sick and so desperately needs her sleep!  And when Grandpa and Grandma (my parents) are arriving on Saturday!  It’s all good, and I hope it keeps up.