let us pause for a moment of — family time!

Ha!  All you Lutherans out there thought I was going to say “silent prayer,” weren’t you?  🙂  I love liturgy!

I am doing better, despite not getting much sleep last night.  For some reason, Baby J was awake from 10:30 p.m. to 12:30 a.m. last night.  Both JJ and I took turns trying to soothe her back to sleep, as I suspected she was coming down with my cold, and when a baby is sick, JJ and I refuse to let her cry herself to sleep.  She finally fell asleep between us in our bed, which was the last resort, as it was past midnight and we didn’t know what else to do.  I woke up around 1:30, put her into her crib, and proceeded to have the fiercest coughing attack of this entire cold.  I almost threw up a few times, it was so bad.  I took some Del*sym and tidied up downstairs for a while until it kicked in.  It was miserable.  I ended up getting significantly less than a full night of sleep, so I felt pretty groggy for quite a while this morning.  Luckily my parents’ flight was delayed almost an hour and half, so I had some extra time to get the things done that I had planned.  Hopefully this cough won’t come back tonight.

My two girls are sleeping in the same bedroom tonight, since my parents are sleeping in the guest room, where Lyd had been sleeping.  I hope they can last in the same room all night, but I did set up the Pack ‘n Play in our room, just in case.

I’m probably going to be on the quiet side for the next week or so, since I obviously want to spend time with my parents.  Hoepfully we can go to a few Northern CA sites that aren’t too long of a drive, and I hope for a nice weather day to spend at the ocean.  I’ll try to drop in now and then.  I definitely have some posts formulating in my mind about Deep Topics, so blog posts are coming, don’t you worry!  😉

Happy Memorial Day weekend, everyone!