Grandparents’ bliss!

It’s been so nice to have my parents visiting, and it’s only been 48 hours!  My cold is almost gone, and I’ve had no more coughing attacks, but poor Baby J now has my cold.  Today she has had the persistent, dry cough, a very drippy nose, and she just looks generally under the weather.  As she’s not quite 8 months old, there’s really nothing I can give her, except for giving her the opiate effect of breastfeeding her as often as possible.  I had to take a nap with her this afternoon, as she fell asleep nursing, but still continued with the sporadic coughing.  However, if she could latch right back onto me, then she stayed asleep despite the coughing attacks.  So, I decided that napping with my baby offered Baby J the best chance at a decent nap, which have been hard for her to get all day long.  The rest for me wasn’t bad, either.  😉

Anyway, while it’s too bad that Baby J is sick for my parents’ visit, it’s quite handy to have them here at the time when she is sick.  Having two pairs of extra hands, both very eager to hold a baby, has been super-helpful.  My father even took the baby at 1:30 a.m. last night when she couldn’t fall back asleep, and he took her again at 2:30 when she woke back up.  I was able to get a little sleep, as opposed to doing nighttime baby duty on my own.  He even was up and ready to take her at 5:30 a.m. when she woke, but that time I could tell that she was going to be able to go back to sleep fairly quickly.  I don’t think my dad slept very well last night.

Lyd has been repeatedly telling her grandparents, “I’m SO glad you’re here!”  It’s very sweet, and they are obviously drinking it in eagerly.  Mom’s helping me out in the kitchen, and Dad is busy sweeping up outside and doing yardwork.  We so appreciate his yearly trips out here, as he gets so much of the outside spruced up.  He just came up with a great idea that may solve our gardening dilemma: I’ve been wondering how we could do a garden here, as the deer literally come up to our front door and would eat anything we grew, plus we have rampant moles/voles that dig around under the ground, leaving piles of dirt all over the property.  Dad just reminded me that we have this high fenced-in area on one side of the property, and if we got some large pots, we could grow some things in there.  Plus, it’s close to a faucet with a hose, for easy watering.  Maybe that idea will work!  We’ll see.  I’ll keep you updated.

We grilled out burgers for lunch, and Dad, JJ, and Lyd are out roasting marshmallows right now.  The plan for tomorrow is to find someplace near Half Moon Bay to pick our own strawberries, bring them home and make a big batch of strawberry jam as well as other strawberry delicacies.  Should be fun!