I [heart] Mr. Darcy!

Thanks for the shirt, Ruth!  🙂  My mother and I got a good laugh out of it.

I’m still here.  My father went home on Monday, and my mother is leaving tomorrow.  JJ leaves on Sunday night for three days.  Today is the last day of school.  My teaching finishes up next week.  And so, we switch into a summer routine.  In two weeks, Lyd will begin having swimming lessons every Mon, Tue, Wed, Thur at 4:30 – for six weeks!  What was I thinking?  Hopefully she will be brave and put her head under the water, otherwise these could be some long weeks.

I’m getting over a horrible cold, definitely caused by lack of sleep, and possibly made worse by allergies.  I never had allergies growing up, but I am beginning to suspect that I might have them here in lovely northern CA.  Sigh.  The doctor-prescribed solution to my cold is the same as what I did for Baby J’s bronchiolitis: bronchio-dilating medication inhaled through a nebulizer.  Now that we own a nebulizer (thank you, craigslist!), and since I still have Baby J’s medication in the medicine cabinet, that’s what I’ve been inhaling.  I’ve discovered that if you inhale it often enough and long enough, you get a little loopy!  hee hee

Tonight is mom’s last night here, and we’re going to the San Carlos Farmer’s Market this afternoon as soon as Baby J wakes up.  San Carlos has an afternoon Farmer’s Market in the summertime, where they actually shut down part of their quaint downtown street.  It’s very vital, alive, filled with families, strollers, kids, old people, young people — truly a community event in the best sense of the word.  So, we’re going to hit that this afternoon.  Ta ta for now!