slumber party!

So, JJ had a safe flight to Arizona this evening; he’ll get home around 9pm Wednesday night.  When JJ’s gone, Lyd and I have an agreement that at least one of the nights he’s gone, she can sleep with me in my bed, and we’ll have a “slumber party.”  Translated, this means we put on our pajamas, eat apples with peanut butter in bed, paint our nails in the bathroom, play a game or two, read lots of books, and cuddle.  This is SO exciting to Lyd!  Tonight we even added M&M’s into our fun, too, as Lyd saw them at the checkout counter at our local grocery store, and I decided to indulge her for our slumber party.

She’s upstairs asleep now, and after I finish this blog and do my nightly pumping (gotta keep my breastmilk freezer stash supplied for the times when I’m teaching), I’ll be joining her.  She’s super-cuddly, and I enjoy her warm little body snuggled next to mine.  🙂

Baby J’s sleep training went really well last night.  She slept until 5:23 a.m. this morning!!!  I cannot remember the last time she slept that long!  It was heaven to get 5 straight hours of sleep.  Tonight she did her usual routine again of waking up in the first hour after she had fallen asleep, but tonight I was distracted from her cries by the game I was playing with Lyd.  However, I don’t think she cried nearly as long as last night.  Hopefully she’ll sleep long again.

I managed to get a number of activities planned for while JJ is gone.  Tomorrow we’re going for a playdate at a friend’s house in the East Bay.  Tuesday I teach in the morning, then we’re invited for supper at a friend’s house who has a baby 3 days older than Baby J.  Wednesday I teach in the late morning, and then all the moms and babies in my class are going out for a picnic lunch together at a local park.  Wednesday night a neighbor and her daughter that is Lyd’s age are coming over for supper.  And then JJ is home!  I’m glad to be busy while he’s gone.  It really helps pass the time.

By the way, I have a sweet JJ story to tell: I packed him a nice lunch for him to eat on the plane tonight.  When I dropped him off curbside at the airport, I asked him where he wanted his lunch.  He quickly opened his carry-on bag and put it in, a little flustered at trying to make sure he had all his bags while saying goodbye to me and the girls.  So, I was surprised to find a phone message from him when I got home, apologizing for forgetting his lunch in the minivan.  I knew he had the lunch – I had seen him put it in his bag, but I checked the van, just in case.  Nope, he had it.  So, I wasn’t a bit surprised when, two hours later, I got a phone call again from him saying that once he got on the plane, he had realized that he did have the lunch.  Unfortunately, he’d already bought supper in the airport, but I told him that now he had a meal for another day.   I thought it was SO SWEET that he had called and given this lovely apology for forgetting his lunch when I’d gone through all the trouble to make it up for him.  I told him that it didn’t matter that he hadn’t forgotten his lunch after all, as it was still super-nice of him to call and say all those kind words about my efforts to make his lunch.  What a thoughtful guy I’m married to!  🙂

And a cute Lyd story: “Mom, are those spreckles?” she asked me today.  I asked her what she was talking about.  She said, “Those dots on a person’s face – are those spreckles?”  No, dear, I answered.  Those are freckles.  🙂  “But spreckles is a good word, isn’t it, Mom?”  Yes, dear, it sure is.


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