a hot (play)date

Baby J woke up at 3am and 6am this morning, so not as good as the previous night.  The sun was up already at the 6am wakeup, but I was NOT ready to get up.  So, after feeding her, I put her down in her room and shut the door so that I wouldn’t hear her if she decided to stay awake.  I can still hear her if she cries, but not if she’s just bouncing around in her crib and talking.  I never heard anything out of her until 8:45am when she was waking up for the day.  I got to bed at 11pm last night, so minus the 2 half-hours that I spent feeding the baby, I got almost 9 hours of sleep last night!  Joy oh joy!

My cold (or is it allergies? I’m not sure.) is still hanging around, however.  I have this lovely rattly, loose, old-man-smoker cough, and I still have a stuffy, drippy nose.  But, it did seem like my cold had moved a bit this morning, so hopefully I can keep getting sleep and will finally be able to kick this thing.

The girls and I just got home from the East Bay where we had a playdate with a friend of mine from my college days and her three kiddos.  (Yes, Ruth and Sarah, it’s who you think it is.)  They live right downtown in a major metropolitain area, and we had a very fun time together.  Lyd and the two older kids were having a marvelous time together, and she did NOT want to go home, telling me so in no uncertain terms!  The weather has been surprisingly hot today, and while we walked with the kids to a local playground, it was too hot to really play.  So, we walked across the street to the (air-conditioned) public library, headed up to the children’s section, and all 5 little ones amused themselves with the blocks, books, and puzzles they had there, although Baby J enjoyed chewing on objects more than anything else.  After driving home across the San Mateo bridge, we made it safely home.  Luckily our house always stays nice and cool, so we’re cooling down now.  I was planning to use up some soup from my freezer for an easy supper tonight, but I have to be honest, beef noodle soup does NOT sound good on a hot day like today!  I know Lyd is going to protest this food, and frankly, I don’t blame her.  So, I’ll have to figure out something for supper that’s good for a hot day.  If I ask her, Lyd will, of course, request macaroni and cheese.  But that was my plan for tomorrow.  What about you?  Do YOU have any suggestions for good hot-day meals?  Let me know!  I need an idea, as more hot days are on their way!

Edited to add: I ended up making egg salad sandwiches for supper.  It wasn’t spectacular, but it worked, and it was better than the soup I had originally planned for us to eat!  But the best part of supper was that JJ called during it, and thanks to the speakerphone feature on our phone, all of us got to talk to him.  Yea!