home again

JJ’s home, safe and sound, but exhausted.  Three days of hanging out at district convention will do that to ya!

I had an eventful trip picking him up from San Jose airport, a 35-minute drive away.  Once en route on the main freeway connecting our town to San Jose, there was a major 4-car injury accident that proceeded to shut down all lanes of the freeway except for one.  So, I spent over half an hour inching along the freeway.  Inching.  And, thanks to JJ’s and my decision NOT to have cell phones, I couldn’t tell him what was going on.  It was agonizing to know that he was wondering where I was and not being able to tell him.  To make the waiting even more interesting, apparently my trusty ’96 Saturn doesn’t like to idle for long periods of time.  The temperature gauge on the car kept inching up towards the hot zone, and then falling back to the middle again.  It drove me nuts; I was so afraid the car was going to overheat as I sat on Hwy 101.  Thankfully, once traffic started moving again, the temperature went back to normal.

And, to add the final level of stress onto all this, I brought Baby J in the car with me.  Her naps were so awful today, partially because of the noontime picnic we had with the other moms and babies from my Babies Music Together class, so Baby J was having a super-difficult time falling asleep.  Tonight, just as I was getting ready to leave, she started to scream.  I didn’t want my last-minute babysitter to have to deal with her, and I figured the car ride would calm her down, so I took her with me.  Thankfully, she didn’t make a peep the entire trip.  Even during the entire sitting in the traffic jam, she never made a sound.  So, at least that was good.  I was very stressed, however, that she WOULD start crying while the car was idling on 101, and that also made my blood pressure rise during that wait.

I’m glad JJ is safely home.  Thank you, God!  Now life can go back to its usual groove.  Aahhh.

(Do I regret our decision not to have cell phones?  Well, there are moments, to be sure, where a cell phone would be nice, such as tonight.  But, overall, I am still content with our cellphone-less lives.  It’s definitely one bill less that we have to pay, and one less thing to worry about losing.  The vast majority of the time, we don’t need it.  And the few times where it would be handy?  We’ve always managed to get through those situations successfully, too.  So, looks like we’ll still be cellphone free for a while longer.)