ten things to do on a hot day

1) Get up at 7am with your baby.  Decide to be productive with the time, rather than grumbling at the early wake-up.  Feel proud of how much you accomplished!  Ignore how much you did not accomplish. 

2) Make lemonade with your older daughter, and have fun squeezing lemons together

3) Make Giant Lemon Sugar cookies, again with your older daughter.  Let her lick cookie dough off the beaters, and have her help you roll the cookies in sugar.  (I made them half-size, and they were still super big.  And Delicious!)

4) Hang clothes outside on the line to dry.  (Next time, remember to put fabric softener into the wash machine, Emily!)  Have flashbacks to your childhood where you hung out laundry on a regular basis.  Enjoy listening to the birds sing in the redwoods, and feel very environmentally friendly.  Enjoy the time spent teaching your daughter to help.  She’s having a lot of fun doing things with you today, so don’t get too bothered when she slows you down.

5) Dress Baby J in a bright pink onesie that says “I [heart] Daddy!”  Rejoice in her two good naps, and don’t get uptight about how long it takes to get her to sleep at night.  Remember that this stage will pass, too, and pretty soon she’ll be four and a half, and tagging along at your heels like her older sister.  Enjoy her laughter, her adorable baby skin, and the way she flaps her arms in the air when she’s happy.

6) Eat Beef Noodle soup for lunch.  (What?  That doesn’t fit!!  But, you know, sometimes food in your fridge has just gotta go.)  Be happy that the Beef Noodle soup is now gone, and you won’t have to eat it again for a very long time.

7) Enjoy hubby being home.  🙂  Even though he’s really wiped out from his conference as well as the hours he put into preparing for the conference before he left, find times to have conversations about the interesting happenings at the conference.  Appreciate the fact that he’s home, thereby freeing you up to actually get something other than the basics done around the house (such as, making lemonade and cookies!)

8 ) Eat leftovers for supper.  Be thankful that you don’t have to cook.  Give your daughter a hard-boiled egg and toast for supper, so as to avoid a mealtime battle.  Enjoy a non-whiny meal as a family.  Be thankful for the fact that your daughter loves vegetables, and makes zero fuss about them.  Know that this stage, too, shall pass.

9) Thank God for good weather, good food, and family.  Have many “all together!” hugs during the course of the day.  Pray for people less fortunate than you, who are dealing with fire, floods and famine.  Realize how blessed you are.  Remember not to be scared when you hear all this bad news, because heaven is your true home.

and, when you’re married to a liturgical nerd such as my dear JJ,

10) listen to the new Christian Worship Supplement Hymn Sampler on CD for a good chunk of the day.  Verdict: I like it!  And so does Lyd!

All in all, a very good day.  🙂