I refuse to go to sleep, I won’t. So please don’t ask me if I want to, ’cause I don’t.

So seems to be the frequent, scornful opinion of Baby J these days.  However, despite her disdain for sleep, she has been doing a little better lately.  Not where I’d like her to be, but a bit better than she was.  Today was a pretty good day, since all three naps managed to be taken, although there was much weeping and gnashing of teeth before each sleep.

I’ve realized that in order to help her sleep as best as possible, I have to be consistent.  When I just had my older daughter, it was so easy to be consistent, but with two children it’s much more difficult.  How do people with a whole passel of children manage to do it?  Anyway, if I ignore her sleep cues for her naps, she becomes overtired, and then it’s 10 times more difficult to get her to sleep.   And bedtime — ee gads, her screams would make you think we were torturing her with hot pitchforks or something!  Sigh.  I know that this stage too shall pass, but I just hate listening to her cry.  I know she feels awful, I know she just wants to be with me, and I know that if I just go into her room, she will be comforted and will feel better.  But I also know that she needs to learn how to go to sleep on her own.

I can’t understand why she fights sleep so much!  Well, maybe I can.