Warning: this post not for those with a weak stomach

A conversation between Lyd and me at supper tonight (JJ wasn’t there):

L: Mom, how do you dead a chicken?

E: (hoping I mis-heard her) How do you what?

L: (pausing a moment) How do you kill a chicken?

E: How do you kill a chicken?  You mean so you can eat it?

L: Yes.

E: Well, you use a big knife called an axe and you cut off its head.

L: (another pause) How do you kill a cow?

E: (not excited about where this conversation is going) Oh, I don’t know, umm, well, ah, umm…

L: Do you cut off its head?

E: (thinking to myself, How do I explain about cutting the jugular? Or shooting it in the head with a gun?) No, I don’t think you cut off its head.  I’m not exactly sure how you kill a cow.

L: (after another pause) How do you kill a pig?