the influence of a father

This morning, JJ made his specialty breakfast for us all — English muffins with eggs, sausage and cheese.  They are far superior to McD*nalds egg mcm*ffins.  While we were in the kitchen, JJ and I had a … tender moment.  After that was over, I looked at Lyd and said, “Sweetie, when you grow up, be sure you find a man who loves you as much as your Daddy loves me.”

Without missing a beat, Lyd responded, “I don’t think I can do that, Mom.”  🙂

But Lyd, most likely it WILL happen; you will meet some boy whom you will adore and go crazy over.  Despite the fact that you have lately been on a kick where you frequently tell me, “Momma, I want to live with you FOREVER!”, you probably won’t really want to remain at home forever.  You’ll want to get married to that Certain Boy.  That’s okay; Momma knows what that feels like.  In fact, just so you know, I’m already praying for that Certain Boy who will someday win your heart.  And I’m praying for his parents, who get to model Christian marriage to him and raise him up to become the wonderful man with whom my daughter spends her life.

But for now, Lyd, you can keep telling me that you want to live with me forever and that I’m the best.  I love hearing you say those things.  Meanwhile, Daddy will continue to provide you with a high standard for your future husband to live up to.  I’m going to thoroughly enjoy it.  🙂