this ‘n that

So, I meant to write an interesting blog post tonight.  I had many topics to choose from, including

  1. the two dozen roses that my sweet husband brought home for me yesterday in honor of our 8th wedding anniversary.  He spent a few hours yesterday getting the oil changed on our minivan.  The oil changing place actually forgot my husband was there for over an hour, and in their desire to make it up to him, didn’t charge him for the oil change!  The funny thing is, my husband was reading a book for his Master’s class self-study on Martin Luther, and didn’t even realize how much time had passed.  So, since he didn’t have to spend money on an oil change, he bought roses for me.  Wow!  He’s not only sweet, he’s frugal, too!  They smell wonderful.  🙂
  2. the fact that Lyd finally put her head under the water in her swimming class today.  Well, to put it more accurately, the teacher essentially dunked her.  Not as a surprise or anything, but still it was a dunking nonetheless.  Lyd was not pleased, but I clapped and cheered wildly for her from the side of the pool.  We had promised her that the first time she put her head under the water, we would celebrate by going out to her favorite restaurant, Baja Fresh, for supper, so we did.  Lyd said that putting her head under the water was scary, and I told her that it will get less and less scary the more she does it.  She still doesn’t agree.
  3. the fact that my Grandma Violet seems to be declining.  Congestive heart failure will get you, sooner or later.  I talked to her on the phone today, and she is eager to leave this world behind and get to heaven.  She is ready to go.  However, she is still interested in how the Milwaukee Brewers’s season is going.  Apparently some pitcher the other night made it through the whole game!  That’s my Grandma!
  4. the fact that Baby J is sleeping better during the day and the night.  Of course, no sooner had I typed these words when I heard a big wail on the monitor, 2 hours after she had been put to bed.  But it stopped about 15 seconds after it started, so hopefully it’s just an annoying awakening, and she’s putting herself back to sleep.  He naps are getting a lot better, to which all I can say is “Finally!”  Even her big sister has started taking afternoon naps again (swimming lessons really wear ya out!) so I’ve had a few snatches of afternoon time when both girls are napping at once.  Heaven!
  5. the full-body massage that I enjoyed this afternoon.  Aahhh.
  6. the pain that is developing along the outside of my right hand.  The masseuse could tell that my arm muscles were very tight, and mentioned that I might be heading towards carpal tunnel syndrome.  Hmm.  Perhaps I’m on the computer too much (ya think?!?)   So tonight as I type, I’m using good posture and correct hand positioning – and I moved the mouse over to the left side.  It takes a bit to get used to moving the mouse left-handed, but I’m getting the hang of it.

However, I won’t write any more on these topics because recently I ordered the book The Red Tent, it arrived, and I am completely engrossed in the story.  Ever since I was a child, I have been fascinated by the Bible story of Jacob’s children by four different women.  This book fictionalizes that story, going where the Bible never went, and it’s quite an enjoyable read.  I’m sure little to none of it is actually true, but the author has used those Biblical figures as a springboard to create a fascinating tale.  Back to my book, as well as to rest my sore arm…