smoke gets in your eyes

Anyone out there remember that song? ūüôā

That’s literally what we’re dealing with today in our neck of the woods.¬† I’m not sure where the smoke is all blowing down from, but it’s quite smoky outside today.¬† Here’s the weather forecast for our area for the next few days.¬† Notice the lovely “smoke” picture-icons.

This smoke is¬†definitely upping my anxiety level regarding fires again, but it’s comforting to realize that there are no fires near me.¬† I wonder if all this smoke isn’t blowing down from 200-300 miles north of us, as the wind is blowing southerly today.¬† I found this article on that shows a picture of where all the fires are burning.¬† So…

I took a Bach Rescue Remedy pastille to calm down, and¬†thankfully it did help my heartrate go back to normal.¬† I guess all there is to do is to just — carry on as usual.¬† And pray for¬†an out-of-season rainfall, which I will be doing.¬†¬†California is supposed to get another thunderstorm this¬†weekend, but the rain probably¬†will evaporate before it hits the¬†ground.¬† However, with another lightning storm, more wildfires may be sparked.

I gotta remember:¬†“Fear not,¬†for I am with you.¬† Do not be dismayed, for I am your¬†God.”¬†


Pastor Strey’s Weblog

I knew it was just a matter of time … ūüėČ

Introducing: Pastor Strey’s Weblog.

If you’d like to peruse his sermons every week and¬†read what this confessional, Lutheran, Bible-believing pastor of mine preaches from his pulpit every week, now you can.

(I added it as a link on my sidebar blogroll widget, so that you can visit him on a regular basis.)