happy baby sling

I spent much of today pondering and typing responses to comments on a previous post, Judgemental Mommy Moment.  I’ve used up most of my blogging time in that pursuit.  But, I did think of something fun to blog about today, something that is very California, since I’ve been dubbed a “California” type of parent (a moniker I wear with pride!):

This afternoon while making lunch for the family, Baby J was unusually fussy.  I didn’t feel right leaving her alone, watching me and wailing.  So, I brought out my trusty Slingling and put Baby J in that.  I even managed to shift her onto my back so that I could stir the kettles and continue preparing the meal without feeling like she could get burned by the stove.  She quieted down instantly, and I suspect she found her aerial view of what was going on quite stimulating.  It took me a little bit to get used to her weight on my back and to feel like she wouldn’t fall out, but once I got used to it, it was GREAT!  And, like I said, Baby J’s fussing stopped instantly. Score one for the baby sling!

One of the most useful places I’ve used my baby sling is going through security in the airport.  The sling is just a piece of fabric; there’s no metal at all.  So the last time Baby J flew with us, going through security was a breeze.  I remember traveling with Lyd when she was an infant, and carrying her in a Baby Bj0rn.  That thing was a royal pain in the patootie to unbuckle and try not to drop the baby at the same time.  Love my Slingling!

And, today, I had a good talk with my friend KT on the phone, and she has a Slingling that she just adores as well, for the same reasons as me!  It’s nice to have a friend who is doing some of the same things with her baby that I am.

Baby slings: a fantastic aspect of California parenting!