9 months of Baby J love

Darling Baby J is nine months old today!  She’s well on her way to having spent more time out of my body than inside my body.  So what new tricks is Little Miss Big Eyes up to these days?  Let me tell you:

  1. She is busy pulling herself up on things.  This just started within the past week.  Tonight I helped her stand up in her crib, and she surprised me by (slowly) cruising around the perimeter of the crib.  She even pulled herself up on the (out)side of the bathtub tonight.  Will she be walking before she’s a year old?  Stay tuned!
  2. She is eating more these days.  She’s still nursing, although usually just when she wakes up from sleep, or when she is going down for sleep.  I’ve been loath to lessen the amount of time she spends nursing, but I’ve recently come to grips with the realization that she just needs more calories than what I can provide her with via breastmilk.  She definitely loves her baby food, although I’ve also been giving her more table foods when I can.  Tonight, while she still ate half a baby jar of vegetables mixed in with baby brown rice cereal, rather than giving her part of a baby jar of meat, I gave her the same salmon that the rest of us were having for supper.  She loved it!  She also thoroughly enjoyed the fresh blueberries that I brought home from the Farmer’s Market today.  The blueberries were a little smaller than usual this year, but they were just the right size for her, and she did a great job eating them.
  3. She so desperately wants to keep up with her big sister.  She watches Lyd, more than she watches me, it seems, and I can tell that she SO wants to do whatever Lyd is doing.  I can’t nurse her when Lyd is in the room – she’s inevitably more engrossed in watching her big sister dance around then she is in eating.  And Lyd gets more laughs out of her than JJ and I combined!  It’s wonderful to see the love between the two girls already so deeply established.
  4. She is fearless, or so it seems.  Lyd was a very placid, calm baby who I never worried about getting into things.  But little J?  Oh, I have to keep my eye on her!  She is a persistent one; if it doesn’t work the first time, she’s going to keep on trying until she can get whatever it is she wants.  Lyd was very different: She’d try it once, and if it didn’t work, she wouldn’t usually keep on trying.  And she’s still the same way now – it drives me nuts sometimes!  “Momma, it’s too hard.  I can’t do it.  Will you do it for me?”  Urgh.  But somehow, I don’t think I’m going to have that problem with this little girl!
  5. She has finally established a regular napping schedule.  Praise the Lord!  I don’t know if it was the introduction of more solid foods that helped, or if it was just Her Time to adopt a napping schedule.  But, finally, I can plan my days a little more around when she’ll be sleeping.  (And, Lyd has even started napping again some afternoons, so somedays I have BOTH of them asleep at once!  It’s a little slice of heaven!)
  6. Her eyes don’t seem to have found their final color yet.  I really thought she would have chocolate-brown eyes like her Daddy, but no one seems to be able to determine exactly what color they are.  There’s brown in her eyes, but you can’t call them brown eyes, as there’s also substantial hints of blue, green, and gray in her eyes.  I’ve asked a number of people to tell me what color they think her eyes are, and no one has given me the same answer.  I’m curious to see if this is their final color or not.  No one on either side of the family has eyes like this, so…  I can’t figure it out: JJ has brown eyes, I have blue eyes, Lyd has essentially green eyes (can’t figure out where those came from either), and now Baby J has undefinable eyes.  Whatever happened to the Mendellian laws?  Not that I mind or anything.  And she has other physical features that are exact copies of JJ and myself, so I know that genetics are at work to some degree!
  7. She is a happy baby.  Oh, is she a happy one.  She has the cutest grin, and the cutest laugh.  With her little Pippy Longstocking curls sticking out above her ears, she can look like such a doll.  She certainly is, as my father proclaimed her, an “even-tempered baby.”  She doesn’t get upset too often.  Furthermore, she doesn’t seem to have separation anxiety like Lyd did.  However, she’s never been totally separated from people she knows.  Even when JJ and I are both gone, Lyd is still there.

It’s amazing to see her little personality, so different from her big sister’s, already emerging.  She brings so much joy to everyone in our family.  It’s odd to think back to where I was two years ago, trying desperately to get pregnant, wondering if it would ever happen for me, and now – well, this is a good place to be.  I wish I had been able to trust God better two years ago, trusting that everything really would turn out okay, even if it didn’t go exactly according to my plan.  I hope I can remember that lesson when similar tough times come up in the future.  God really does have everything under control, and everything really is not just GOING to be just fine, but already IS just fine.


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