a post written while I really should have been going to bed

The Cherry Soup was fantastic, thank you very much.  Except Lyd didn’t like it (although she ate it when I fed it to her), and JJ isn’t eating wheat again, so he passed on his dumplings to me.  Oh, well.  You can’t please everyone all of the time, I guess.  I invited my friend Barb over for supper too, however, and she really liked it.  Now there’s just enough soup left for me and my friend Janette who is coming over for a playdate tomorrow with her two kids.  Her two kids are the exact same ages as my two kids, so we like to spend time together.

I have lots of deep thoughts rattling around in my mind, but it’s now quarter after eleven — way past my bedtime.  It’s far too late to go into deep thoughts now, so here’s a few random thoughts from my day.

It’s good to be a kid, and get new wardrobes every year or so.  After getting Curious J’s 9-month pictures taken at Sears today, I did some shopping for Lyd upstairs.  I bought her some cute stuff — I would wear it, if it were my size!  She’s become a girly girl in the last year, so everything I bought her for the bottom half of her body was either a skirt or a dress.  Hope J is a girly girl, too.  I wish I could get a brand new wardrobe, too.  Sigh.

It’s hot.  And humid, at least unusually humid for California.  One more day of this, and then the temps should drop a bit.  That’s good, because it’s ridiculously hot, and we don’t have air conditioning.  I’ll bet they have air conditioning in Michigan.

JJ is still deliberating his Call.  It seems like some person or other calls every day to share their thoughts about his Call with him.

I’m doing pretty okay anxiety-wise.  It helps to eat a lot.  However, two nights in a row now I’m getting to bed late again.  Although, last night it couldn’t be helped, because I was making both plum jam (from tiny plums off our tree) and cherry jam.  This took time, time that I don’t have when the girls are awake.  So, I stayed up late to do that.  I did go to bed without doing dishes, however!  I was good in that sense.  Anyway, I also haven’t been walking since Monday, so I need to get on the stick and do that again tomorrow.

The aforementioned jam?  ‘Tis fantastic.  🙂

Although it occurred to me tonight that if JJ accepts this Call, I will have to leave all this jam (and jars) behind when we move to Michigan, as this is freezer jam.  Hmm…