See, I DO have an excuse for slacking off!

In the recent past, I talked about the stack of clean laundry residing on my couch waiting to be folded.  This morning, that stack finally DID get folded and (mostly) put away.  Of course, after all this time, it’s now time to begin doing laundry again.  I am one of those people who prefers to do all the laundry at one time.  I know that some people do a load a day, and if that works for you, great.  But with the way our house is set up, and the effort involved in lugging all the laundry downstairs, sorting it all, etc. – well, I’d rather just do that once a week and be done with it.

But, even though it’s Thursday, my usual laundry day, I am not doing laundry today.  I have an excuse.  A good excuse!  You see, with the massive heat wave that’s in California right now, we citizens of CA have been asked to reduce our power consumption during peak hours, which is more or less between noon and 7pm.  So, as it’s now 2pm, while I would be happy to do laundry, I can’t.  Gov. Schwartznegger has asked me not to.  I have an excuse for not doing laundry!  🙂

(Do you suppose there’s any way I can extend this excuse out to give me a reason for not cleaning the bathrooms?  Are you sure?)

Although, I suppose I could lug the laundry baskets downstairs.  And sort them out.  Last I checked, that didn’t require electricity.  Sigh.

And, I suppose that running the computer to type this is using precious energy, too.  Gaa!  Guilt no matter which way I turn!!  I guess I’ll have to find some way to make myself useful after all.


But I did turn another Brilliant Emily Moment into something useful this afternoon.  I turned the hose on to fill our little kiddie inflatable pool, and then I went in the house.  Of course, I forgot that the hose was running until Lyd came running into the house, saying, “The pool is really full of water!”  Gaa!  BUT, I put all that water to good use; I got a bucket out and used the excess water on the hedge nearby, which desperately needed it.  So, I turned that mistake into a good thing for some needy plants.  Score one for that!