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Little Baby J is certainly living up to her new blog moniker of “Curious J.”  Just like the fictional Curious George, Curious J is curious about everything.  At one week shy of 10 months, she is already doing things that her big sister didn’t do until she was at least a year old.  I am starting to suspect that the next 15 months or so are going to be quite the ride!  Let me tell you a few of the stunts she pulls that have me wondering if the main attraction is going to be as riveting as these previews:

  • She loves the bathtub and tries to crawl around in the tub as well as climb up out of the tub.  And when she is removed from said tub, she screams unless she is immediately placed in a standing position next to the toilet, where I have to dry her off in said standing position.  She wails to high heaven if you lie her down, which I still find necessary to do to adaquately place a diaper on her cute little bum.  I know other, more superior mommies who can put diapers on their kids standing up.  Please, if you are one of those superior mommies, send me tips ASAP on how to do that.
  • She crawls everywhere in the house.  Carpet or linoleum or tile or hardwood — it makes no difference.  Stairs?  No problem!  This morning, I was making breakfast when I realized I didn’t know where J was.  Unfortunately I had last seen her at the base of our staircase…  I raced over and found her on step 5 of 16, grinning broadly.  I reached her just as she was about to fall backwards down the stairs.  !!!  This afternoon, with JJ behind her, she crawled up the entire staircase.  I am thinking it is time for a baby gate.
  • Unfortunately, she does not know how to climb down stairs.  She maneuvers down the one step into our sunken living room by flattening herself on the floor and then pulling herself along until her head, then shoulders, then tummy, hips, and legs make it down the steps.  This is very effective for crawling down onto a soft, carpeted, one-step drop, but we will have to explore alternative options when the time comes to learn how to descend our 16-step hardwood staircase.
  • Everything goes into her mouth.  Every thing.  And she hates when I have to fish something out of her mouth.  Apparently, she’d rather chew on the disgusting thing she just picked off the floor than have Momma attempt to remove it from her mouth.  Sigh.

On a different note, Little J and I are still making breastfeeding work.  Hooray!  Previously, I was worried that our nursing days were drawing to a close sooner than I wanted them to.  But, we’ve settled into a new groove now, and while it’s not what I pictured, it’s working out pretty well overall.  She nurses for short sessions, meaning 5 minutes or less, before and after every sleep time, occasionally with another short session thrown in for good measure, especially in the late afternoon.  She eats 3 baby food meals a day with the family, and has a longer nursing session before bed at night.  Finally, she wakes up two times at night to nurse as well, around midnight and 5am-ish.  The two times at night thing is hard, but I’ve decided to stop fighting it and just be grateful for it.  Those uninterrupted, calm nighttime feedings make up for what she doesn’t allow herself time to eat during the day.

My milk supply feels less overall than it was a month or so ago, but it’s holding steady, so I’m happy about that.  Some people have suggested that I take J into bed with me at night and nurse her so that I don’t have to actually get out of bed to go and feed her.  I gave it a try it the other night, but, as I suspected would happen, even in the middle of the night J was pretty excited to be in Momma’s bed and wanted to play.  So, back to our usual routine of nursing in the Same Old Rocking Chair Every Time.  Hey, it works!  I remind myself that she won’t be nursing forever, and that I am doing her health a world of good by persevering.  I might more seriously consider weaning her now if I didn’t also know that her behavior with the 2 bottles a week that she gets while I’m at work is the same as it is when she’s breastfeeding, so I don’t think weaning her will make any major difference.  And you know what?  I really enjoy the cuddling time with her at night when she nurses while still half-asleep.  It’s one of the few times in the day where she’s not trying to run away from me.

My monkey baby.  My Curious J.  She is a passionate, determined baby, and it’s fascinating to watch her personality start to emerge.  Stay tuned to see what tricks she pulls next!

(Althought I must confess, I’m not particularly looking forward to the almost 5 hour flight to Wisconsin next month.  I’m thinking that it will take all of JJ’s and my energies to keep that baby calm and moderately amused during the trip!  Pray that she sleeps!)

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  1. Would not consider myself a superior mommy by any means, however, both of my kids now prefer to be changed standing up. It just takes practice. One thing to remember is after diaper/pull-up is on just take an extra second (if possible) to make sure that the bum and everything else is located within the elastic “dry-zone” area.

    Both of my kids are super active like your J. I will pray for extra energy (and nerves) for you! Have fun! 🙂

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