everybody needs rest

Well, after last night’s fiasco, it’s official: Baby J is sick.  She woke up this morning with a smile .. and a snot mustache.  She definitely looks “peaked,” but today I’ve succeeded at being a Very Good Momma as far as her naps are concerned.  She was down at 9am, slept for almost 2 hours, was down again just after 1pm, and I plan to try to squeeze a third nap out of her later this afternoon, too.  But little J is just not her usual self; you can see it in her droopy eyes.  Lyd also complained that she felt sick this morning, but outside of her saying so, I didn’t notice anything different about her.  But, hey, it made for an easy excuse to put her down for an afternoon nap, and she didn’t fuss about it at all.  Lyd has taken at least a two-hour nap every afternoon this week – score!

I don’t know if it’s just the fact that my sleeping has been not so good lately, or merely the fact that it was awful last night with an upset baby, but I feel lousy today, too.  I’m probably just really, really tired.  I re-started taking Echinacea again today, as well as some Grapefruit Seed Extract and extra Vitamin C.  I don’t want to be sick just as we’re getting ready to leave for Wisconsin.

I finally heard from JJ at lunchtime today (Thursday)!  I hadn’t heard from him since Monday evening, so I was pretty excited to read his emails.  I think this is the longest he and I have gone without some form of communication in our married life.  But I know what WELStock is like and how super-busy it can be, so I wasn’t completely surprised or bothered by the lack of communication.  I had already figured that I wouldn’t hear anything from him Tuesday night, due to the fact that he was leading a worship service on Wednesday morning at 8am (which is 6am body time!).  If I had to preside over a worship service (a presider does everything except preach the sermon) in front of 1000+ people the next morning, I probably would opt for sleep over calling my spouse, too!  The conference ended at noon today, so now he’s on his way home.  I have someone lined up to come babysit tonight around 11pm so that I can go pick JJ up from the airport.  I’m sure he’ll be tired and ready to crash!  But, regardless, our family will be together again.  No matter how tired we all are, it’s good to be all together.

Then, it’s pack like crazy for a few days, and then off this family goes to Wisconsin!  For two whole weeks!  Yay!