happy to have him home

JJ made it home, safe and sound, last night.  Yay!  It’s good to have him home.  Even Baby J was happy to see him; more than once today while she was in my arms, she stretched out her arms to her Daddy, asking him to hold her.  And, he happily obliged.

But, we are all tired.  Baby J continues to be sick.  She has what my mother calls a “schnooder nose,” which is a very drippy nose.  You can tell by looking at her that she’s a little sick.  She goes down for her naps alright, but she has a loose cough that bothers her.

Lyd seems fine today.  She got in big trouble today, however, when she put hand soap in her hair while on a potty trip to the bathroom.  “Why did you do this?” I asked her.  Her response was the classic, “I don’t know.”  Oh, well.  She’s properly cleaned up and halfway to dreamland by now.

I did not get nearly enough sleep last night (or the last few nights), and I’m really feeling it today.  I may even leave my dishes undone tonight in favor of getting some much-needed rest.  I can tell that I’m teetering on the verge of getting sick, and I imagine that having my baby repeatedly sneeze all over me doesn’t help.  Echinacea, here I come again!

But JJ is home!  We are all grateful for that.  It makes such a difference to have him here.  And even when he’s not in the house but over in his office instead, just the knowledge that he’s still close by makes me feel good.  I think that, despite the illnesses, this was my best experience yet with JJ being gone.  I really managed well.  It only makes sense that I would get better at it each time he goes away.  Not that I like it, but I’m proud of myself for doing well.

But you know what the BEST thing is about having JJ home?  Adult conversation.  Man, I’m telling you: When you go your whole day with only small children around you to talk to, it gets to be a LONG day!  Thank goodness for telephones, emails, and blogs!