making comparisons

It’s been good to visit with family. I have a lot of cousins about my own age, and most of them have little children around Lyd’s age or a little older. On Wednesday, 7 of those cousins, aged 5 – 10, came over to our hotel for an impromptu “pool party.” Our Holiday Inn has 3 pools: the big, regular pool (aka. “the cold pool”), a smaller hot tub (aka. “the hot pool) and a kiddie pool with a whale water slide (aka. “the warm pool”). So, with eight kids splashing around, it was easy to make comparisons in regards to how comfortable each of these kids feel in the water.

Remember how concerned I’ve been about Lyd’s swimming, specifically how she doesn’t want to put her head under the water?

Yeah. I don’t have to be concerned. She’s VERY normal for her age.

But even though she didn’t get anywhere close to putting her head under the water, or even blowing bubbles in the water, she had a fantastic time in the pool, just like we had hoped! She got to go swimming 4 times in 48 hours (and is asking to go again as I type this! But the answer is no.) She had a blast, and that’s what swimming is supposed to be all about, isn’t it?

Relax, Emily.  Don’t worry.  Everything is just fine.