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We are home again.  Safe and sound (more or less).

We returned home after a grueling flight (let’s just say that Curious J does NOT enjoy flying!) to a house replete with freshly shampooed carpets and freshly mopped floors (thanks, Chris!).  My newly sharpened Cutco knives also arrived via FedEx today, and I’m very pleased that our joint arrivals coordinated so perfectly.  We returned home to a minivan with solid brakes, a house with lots of space in which to spread out, and I discovered that in our suitcases, all the breakables of my grandmother’s that I had carefully wrapped and packed — arrived safely!  Yeah!

However, we also returned home with one sad daughter in tow.  Lyd did NOT want to return home; she passionately wanted to stay in Wisconsin.  She had further deepened her relationships with family and friends, as well as established some new relationships, and she was very reluctant to give those up.  There were mighty tears, but sad tears, not tantrum tears.  This was the same kind of sadness we last saw when her friend moved away.

She kept asking JJ and I, “When are we coming back to Wisconsin?”  And the answer is: We don’t know.  Airline tickets have doubled in price since we bought our tickets back in April.  $300 a ticket for 3 people is one thing, and not something to be sneezed at.  But consider $600 a ticket for 3 people?  Ugh.

Honestly, I was right there with Lyd.  I didn’t want to leave Wisconsin either, for reasons I will elaborate on another day.  Suffice to say, it was WONDERFUL being around family, especially around family who are examples of the kind of person you want to be some day.  I didn’t realize how much I missed that until I was immersed in family.

Yet, home we are.  And it IS nice to be back.  To help Lyd realize that there are good things about being back in California (and also because the refrigerator was empty), we went out to eat at Lyd’s favorite restaurant tonight, Baja Fresh.  THAT’S a chain you don’t find in Wisconsin!  Our local Baja Fresh is located across the street from the Caltrain tracks, and as we ate supper early, 5pm (7pm WI time), we saw at least 7 trains speed by while we were eating, and that cheered Lyd up a lot.  There’s no Caltrains in Wisconsin, either! 

Tonight Lyd was feeling better when I put her to bed.  And tomorrow is another day that will have new exciting things to do.  I hope we all sleep well tonight in our own beds.  For JJ and I, sleeping on our own mattress is the best part of coming home.


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  1. Glad to hear that your trip was safe and that you had quality time with family! I hope that Lyd recovers soon and enjoys being back in CA. (I’m guessing she also starts school pretty soon?? I’m sure that will help her think of other happy things, at least, if she is excited to start!) 🙂

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