lunchbox delight

Such eclectic posts I’ve been writing lately!  I know that, theoretically, blogs are supposed to have some sort of unifying theme.  Umm, yeah, well, I’ll get right on that…  😉

I feel the need to share the fact that we have finally reached a decision on a new lunchbox for Lyd in our household.  After shopping all over the web, I found that the Stephen Joseph line of lunchboxes had just the kinds of whimsical designs I was looking for.  So I offered Lyd some choices:



and MY personal favorite, this.  With the coordinating backpack!  How cute would that be?  And the backpack is all pink, yellow, and orange, just like she wanted!

But she finally chose this.  Notice it, too, is pink, yellow and orange.  I bought her the matching backpack, because every little girl needs a backpack for school, one that she has chosen herself.  Lyd has a hand-me-down Ariel (Disney’s Little Mermaid) backpack that she uses, but it’s nice for her to have something she picked out herself.  Plus I wanted to buy something non-Disney.  I’m not anti-Disney, but I don’t want to start her in the habit of being suckered in to that kind of commercialism.  Besides, these lunchboxes were MUCH CUTER than anything Disney puts out!

And, I am SO READY for Lyd to be in school.  I’ve been babysitting another girl all week who is 2 years older than Lyd, and while they play together really well, I’m ready for them to not be in the house anymore.  Besides, the woke the baby up this morning, so J only got a 45 minute nap.  Plus, it’s horribly hot here today, so J has been having a hard time falling asleep for her afternoon nap.  She wouldn’t go to sleep after being in the crib for an hour, so I took her out, gave her some more lunch, and am now giving her some playtime.  We’ll try the nap again in a half hour or so.

But, it could be worse.  At least they’re happy and healthy, right?