a visit to a homeopath

This morning, Curious J and I had an appointment with a homeopath, Masha RosenI had planned to see this homeopath earlier for my anxiety, but I cancelled that appointment, and made an appointment for my daughter instead.  I was hoping that homeopathy could provide an answer to J’s recurrent bronchiolitis, which puts her at a much higher risk for having childhood asthma.  A friend in Wisconsin, who is a big believer in homeopathy, told me that this type of medicine could definitely help Curious J, so I decided to give it a try.  Besides, my 2 hour consultation was free, thanks to a gift certificate a friend gave to me!

I filled out an intake form before our appointment about J’s medical history and brought that with me.  The homeopath lady read over the form, and then proceeded to ask a LOT of questions.  She asked about J’s likes, dislikes, emotional state, fears, her personality, her eating habits, her sleeping habits, her activity level (which she could also observe seeing J attempt to get into EVERYTHING in this woman’s tastefully decorated office!), my pregnancy with her, my birth experience with her, my health, and just lots and lots of questions.  While it was hard to come up with good answers to all the questions, the idea that this was how J’s diagnosis would be made didn’t throw me too much.  I was sort of expecting that, as I went through something similar with myself when I started acupuncture treatments, although that questioning was not to the extent of what this woman did today.

Now that this homeopath has all this information about Curious J, she is going to take some time to research and decide on what the best homeopathic remedy for J is.  She is going to prescribe her a constitutional remedy, rather than an acute remedy.  An acute remedy is used when a person is acutely ill, such as a cold or some other type of illness.  A constitutional remedy is used when a person has chronic problems.  The actual remedy itself will cost around $15-$20, and it will be small white pellets that I can put in J’s mouth to melt.  Homeopathy is a tricky business, in that if the remedy is EXACTLY right, it can work wonders almost instantly.  However, if there remedy is not quite right, it will have no positive effect at all.  It will not have a negative effect, thankfully, it just won’t do anything at all.

(I took a homeopathic remedy once.  When I thought my labor with Curious J was beginning, my doula went to Whole Foods and bought me the homeopathic remedy for intensifying labor contractions.  She said that if I was in labor, it would kick-start the contractions, and if I wasn’t in labor, it wouldn’t do anything.  As it turned out, it did nothing, thank you God!  36 weeks would have been on the early side for J to be born!)

The homeopath said it will take her about a week to research and find the right remedy, so I’ll update more later when more happens.  I was pretty pleased overall with the visit, but I’ll (obviously) be even more pleased if this actually works!

I also asked the homeopath about my own health issues, and asked if there were remedies that might be suitable for me.  She said, “Definitely!”  It’s something to keep in mind if this business with Curious J proves beneficial.  But she also agreed that the biggest thing I need right now is more sleep.  There’s no remedy or subsitute for that!

Wow, Curious J has been to a chiropractor and a homeopath in one week!  What a California baby!