I felt an earthquake tonight, at almost exactly 9pm Pacific Time.  It turned out to be a 4.2 quake, centered somewhere across the Bay, probably about 30-45 minutes away from my house.  I was on the computer, and suddenly it felt like I was moving, just slightly.  I felt a little sick to my stomach from the movement.  (I don’t think I’d do well on a cruise!)  Then it stopped, and I thought that maybe I just was … a little sick.  So, I went into the kitchen to start doing dishes, put on the TV, and a few minutes later, an anchorman cut into the show saying that there had been an earthquake!  I was right!  I went up stairs to where JJ was giving Lyd a bath, and I asked him, “Did you feel the e-a-r-t-h-q-u-a-k-e about 5 minutes ago?”  “Nope,” he replied.  So, it certainly wasn’t very big by us.

However, I called my friend in the next city, and she and her husband had felt it, too.  The news reports made it sound like it was a much bigger deal closer to the epicenter.  But, I’m glad it was mild.

I’ve been told that since our piece of the world that we live on is actually built on a rock, that earthquakes likely won’t ever be that bad by us.  Even the big 1989 Loma Prieta quake, the one where part of the Bay Bridge collapsed, caused only minimal damage to the property where we live.  Interestingly, we live less than a mile from the San Andreas faultline!  But, apparently, this part of the faultline isn’t very active.  Most earthquakes in our area happen around the Hayward fault, across the Bay.  However, it seems that the big 1906 quake was centered on the San Andreas fault.

But our neck of the woods is pretty safe.  Ahh.  I’m glad to know that.  And God’s in control, so no matter what, we’ll be okay.

This marks the 3rd quake I’ve felt since moving to CA in 2001, and the second in the past 10 months!