I, too, do not support abortion in cases of rape and incest

That title will drum up wordpress traffic, won’t it!¬† ūüôā

But, it’s true.¬† I keep hearing from varied sources that Sarah Palin doesn’t support abortion, even¬†in cases of rape and incest.¬† I agree with her.¬† I’m sure that my stance and hers seem unbelievable to some people, but let me explain the reasons behind my belief.¬† Perhaps you, the reader,¬†will change your perspective as well.

I have a friend who was a child conceived of rape/incest.¬†¬†He was adopted at birth into a loving, Christian home.¬† He now is married, has fathered¬†children, and has a job of high responsibility and high respect.¬† He is NO DIFFERENT than any other person you see walking down the street, and if you were to see him, you wouldn’t think him different from anyone else.¬† Why should his life be of any less worth than any other person, merely because of the circumstances of his conception?¬† (If you are interested, you can read his story in his own words on page 5 of this pdf. file.)

While I don’t argue that it would be extremely difficult for a woman to go through a pregnancy with such a traumatic beginning, I also¬†believe that¬†the pregnancy¬†might provide an opportunity to assist with the emotional¬†healing process for that woman.¬† That baby¬†is something good¬†coming from something bad.¬† Christians who believe that “Everything works for good to them that love God” (Romans 8:28) and who also believe that life, even in its initial stages, is a gift of God, will find it hard to subsequently¬†discard any life that God, in his wisdom, has created.¬† It is unfortunate that many people today, Christians¬†included, think that a pregnancy resulting from rape/incest is too difficult of a situation for God to be able to work through.¬† But I believe that God can work good from anything that life can throw at us.

Furthermore, there are many families in the world today who would be happy to adopt a child, no matter what the circumstances¬†of its conception, and lovingly raise it as their own.¬† I know¬†my husband and I would.¬†¬†Children are a blessing, no matter how or when¬†they come.¬† Perhaps that attitude seems naive and simplistic, but it’s the same way that our God sees us.¬† Every person on this earth is important to God; how then can I view the people he has uniquely¬†created as anything less than a being specially created by God?

I support Sarah Palin in this belief, and I am glad that there is a woman running for a major office that is so staunchly pro-life, and that she isn’t willing to change her mind just because people disagree with her.¬† She¬†has strong principles, and even if you don’t agree with her, you have to respect her for standing her ground.