lamenting my bum arm

I was all set to blog about how Curious J is already transitioning to one nap a day — and, of course, she took two beautiful naps today.  And she slept for 8 hours straight last night (7pm-3am).  So, what can I say?  She’s a brilliant baby.  🙂

Lyd is still totally in love with school.  This week she is happily carrying her new backpack and lunchbox to school, which arrived last Friday and are just as adorable as we had hoped.  She proudly informed me yesterday that this week she is the Line Leader and the Calendar Helper.  They also have a new (and very active!) turtle in their classroom.  As of yet, he has no name.  I’ll keep you informed.  She is just LOVING school, and I am so happy for her.  This is really waking up her life in a good way.  And today, I was very productive while she was at school, mopping floors and cleaning bathrooms.  So, we’re all settling into our new routine.  It’s working out well.

In other news, my right shoulder, arm, and hand are really bothering me.  I began seeing a new chiropractor about two weeks ago, and initially I thought he was helping, but now I don’t know.  I do know this: I’ve known for years that I carry a lot of my tension in my shoulders and jaw.  Also, my computer set-up is not highly ergonomic.  Finally, while my shoulder joint is better thanks to the new chiro, it’s still not working as it should.  Every since Baby J was born, I can’t raise my right arm straight up in the air without feeling a strange pulling in my shoulder joint.  It only happens when I move my arm in that way, so most of the time it doesn’t bother me at all.  But it shouldn’t be like that.  Every time I see this new chiro, he feels around in my shoulder joint, and man, EVERYTHING he touches is sore.  So, something is definitely wrong in there.  But my old chiro wasn’t doing anything for my shoulder at all, so I don’t feel that leaving his practice was a bad move.  (Although he called yesterday to set up an appointment, and I had to tell him that I was seeing a different chiro.  It was a weird situation; it felt like a break-up.  But, at least now he knows.  Although part of me thinks, “What doctor calls his patients to set up an appointment?”  No, I’m not sorry I’m out of his practice.  But I do wish my new chiro was closer.  That was the big advantage with my former chiro.  He was just down the street.  Oh, well.)  Anyway, I hope this new chiro (who is VERY highly recommended to me by numerous people whose opinion I trust!) can fix this arm of mine.

What I probably need to do is be on the computer less (HMM, EMILY, YOU THINK??? 😉 ), because my un-ergonomic setup seems to be what aggravates my arm the most.  However, I am typing this with beautiful posture and with relaxed shoulders, so hopefully that will at least not make it any worse.  Because I NEED this connection to the outside world!  If I didn’t have the internet, my life would feel much … smaller.  I get strength and mental stimulation from my internet connections.  But, God knows best, I guess.  Everything, even this, will work out for good.  I was reading in Romans today where Paul says, among other things to “be patient in affliction.”  So, I’ll continue to be as patient as I can, while still actively doing things to make my arm better.

The new chiro did give me some exercises to do.  Hopefully they’re working, because they HURT!  But, no pain, no gain, right?

I’m off to make Lyd’s lunch for tomorrow, and then it’s off to bed.  I suspect tonight will be a two wake-ups night for Baby J.  I neglected to give her enough water to drink during the day today, so she’s probably going to be thirsty tonight.  So, I’d better sleep while I can.