givin’ her momma a heart attack!

My monkey baby scared the CRAP out of me this afternoon!  I was getting lunch ready, and JJ was in the dining room “watching” the Packers game on his laptop.  (He was listening to the live radio broadcast and watching something on that was also following the game.)  All of a sudden, I wondered, “Where is my baby?”

I called to my husband, who got up and started to look for her, although he said that he had just seen her.  I headed to the place I know she loves most — the stairs.  Our stairs go up 8 steps, then turn 90 degrees to the left, and go up another 8 steps to the top.  A quick glance said that she was not on the bottom 8 stairs, but I went up them just to make sure she hadn’t decided to climb all the way up on her own.  I turned the corner and found her standing up proudly, teetering on the top step.  She saw me, smiled, and reached out for me.

I screamed and managed to grab her just before she hit the stairs.  Thank God!  She cried a bit, but she was fine.  I think she was more mad about being carried back downstairs.

As for me, I’m still not quite sure I’m recovered yet.  I keep seeing her standing at the top of the stairs and reaching for me…

When Lyd was born, a member of our church gave us a baby gate that they had used with their grandchildren.  I never had to use it with Lyd, because she wasn’t a daredevil monkey climber.  But, less than 5 minutes after Curious J’s “Look at me!” moment, I brought that gate out, and told JJ to figure out how to use it.

So there.