downs and ups

I have quite a few good, interesting posts started.  But, I am simply too tired to finish them.

J’s sleeping issues are getting worse.  My sleep has been deteriorating right along with hers.

My fall session of music teaching started today.  It was fun, and good, but tiring.

JJ is leaving for four days on Saturday.

He’s also going on three short trips in October.


I’m watching the season premiere of “The Biggest Loser” tonight.  I think that is the bravest show on TV today, and I was crying watching it.  Wow.

I am excited for the season premiere of “The Office” next Thursday.  Yum.

Lyd loves school.  There’s a new girl in her class.  Every day, Lyd comes home from school, dramatically exclaiming, “WHEN can I go to SCHOOL again, Mom?”  I tell her tomorrow, and she replies, “But that’s SO LONG!!!”

Every day she does this.

Every. Day.