growth, of all kinds

Since Lyd has started Kindergarten, I can already see emotional growth and maturation on her part.  I cannot begin to express how delighted I am with this!  In my mommy bliss, I want to share this lovely story with you all, my dear readers:

Two days ago, Lyd and I were invited to a small birthday party; specifically, we were invited to eat cake at 5:30 at her friend’s house for this girl’s 5th birthday.  The girls and I walked across the street at 5:30 to be part of this small celebration.  I warned Lyd in advance that we would not be able to stay long, as we hadn’t eaten supper yet, and Curious J was already getting hungry.  We arrived, we sang, we blew out the candles, and we ate cake.  After the eating of the cake, Lyd, the birthday girl, and another neighbor girl immediately started playing with one of the new birthday gifts.  I told Lyd, “Five minutes,” as I attempted to reign in my squirmy, fussy, hungry baby while still allotting my older daughter a few minutes to play with her dear friend, whom she hadn’t seen in a few weeks.  (School started for her, too, at the local public school, so the girls haven’t had much of a chance to get together.)  I was vigilant with counting down the minutes for Lyd until we had to leave.  When we got down to “Time to go, Lyd,” she became very upset but came over to me like I had asked.  She begged to stay longer (as the other girls had already eaten supper and were going to play longer), but I gently insisted that we had to leave.  Lyd was extremely sad, but she stayed by me.  I asked her to say “thank you” and “goodbye” to the birthday girl and her parents for the party, but Lyd refused.  I didn’t want to make a big deal out of it, plus Curious J was, by this time, SUPER fussy, so we headed out the door and off to home.

On our short walk home, I explained to Lyd that although it’s not fun to say “thank you” and “goodbye” when you really want to stay, it IS something that I expect her to do.  I also emphasized what a nice treat it was to see her friend at all, and then we brainstormed ideas for Lyd’s own birthday party next month.

SO… the next day, C, my “mother’s helper,” came again in the afternoon.  Lyd had a great time playing with C, and she was sad when I had to take her home after supper.  Again, I asked Lyd to say “thank you” and “goodbye,” and again, she refused.  I then gently reminded her what we had talked about the day before and that this was something important for her to do.  And would you believe it, she DID go over to C and say “thank you” and “goodbye”!  She first said it when C was talking to JJ and not paying attention to Lyd, so Lyd even had to wait and say it again — and she did!  She even gave C a hug!  I asked Lyd if she wanted to come on the car ride with me to take C home, and she said no.  But later, after I had returned home, she informed me that next week she WILL come with me to drive C home.

I am so PROUD of Lyd!  This is just one easy-to-recall incident, but there have been so many other incidents in the last few weeks that really show how much she’s “growing on the inside.”  I am just amazed at my little girl!  I was wondering when some of this growth would happen, and I’m glad to see it finally taking place.

And, while I’m raving about my daughters’ accomplishments, Curious J walked 8 steps yesterday without falling!  She won’t walk to me (or to anyone else); she prefers to crawl to me because it’s faster, but left to her own devices, she WILL walk around!  Today I brought out a little push-toy for her, and she was so excited by it.  Strangely, she walked backwards with it more than forwards, but oh, well.  She’s really coming along!

(I don’t keep up with my girls baby books like I should, so this blog is my way to mark these momentous occassions.  Although I don’t think baby books have places to mark emotional development…  Oh, well.  I’m marking it here!)