Share your favorite feel-good movie! — UPDATED

JJ has had a safe trip to Wisconsin, and he won’t return for four days.  He’s got a bunch of other, shorter, trips scheduled for the next two months.  Lots of JJ-less days on the horizon!  So, I need some help from you, my readers.  I need suggestions for feel-good movies that I can watch to keep myself amused while he is gone.  I need movies that never fail to lift your spirits and that, of course, have a happy ending.

Tonight, I am watching my ultimate favorite feel-good movie: Persuasion, starring Amanda Root and Ciaran Hinds.  (The recent PBS version, while it had a scrumptious leading man playing Captain Wentworth, just doesn’t measure up to the version I love.)  I’ve loved this movie for years, long before the current Jane Austen craze.  It never fails to put me into a good mood, thanks to the lovely classical piano soundtrack, and thanks to the wonderful performance of Sophie Thompson as whiny, petty Mary Musgrove.  I have always felt a strong draw to the character of Anne Elliot, who is chronically misunderstood and taken for granted by so many in this story.  I love to watch her growth and her ability to finally stand on her own two feet and become her own person, not what she is persuaded to be by others.

So, please, share with me YOUR feel-good movies!

Favorite “Persuasion” quote:

Mama doesn’t care about etiquette – it’s the cake she cares about!


Updated 9/23 – Thanks for all your responses regarding your favorite movies.  Some of them I’ve seen but would enjoy seeing again, and some of them I haven’t seen but sounds like I would enjoy.  In the past few days, I’ve come up with a few more of my own favorite feel-good movies.  Here they are:

Roman Holiday – This was Audrey Hepburn’s breakout screen role, and she won the Oscar for her performance.  I’m always crying and happy by the end of it, even though I sort of want her to run off with Gregory Peck and make a scene at the press conference.

How to Steal a Million – This was one of, if not the only, foray that Peter O’Toole made into romantic comedy, but he is marvelous in this movie.  And, it’s one of Audrey Hepburn’s better, and lesser-known, movies.  Always a gem, and always makes me feel good inside by the end of it.  The theme music is very cheery, too!

You’ve Got Mail – This was Hank’s and Ryan’s second pairing, after Sleepless in Seattle, but, in my humble opinion, this is a far better, and more believable, love story.  The songs chosen for the soundtrack are all gems, and the music alone will make you smilie.  It’s a modern remake of The Shop Around the Corner, which I’ve never seen.  Hmm.  I love old movies – perhaps I should check that one out!

Benny and Joon – Just hearing the song “I Would Walk 500 Miles” cheers anyone up.  And the scene where Johnny Depp does a hilarious Buster Keaton impersonation – priceless!  It’s a quirky love story that always brings a smile.

My Big Fat Greek Wedding – Oh-pa!  So many funny lines in this movie, so much to laugh and be happy about.

Fiddler on the Roof – Alright.  So this one’s not a happy-go-lucky, sunshine and rainbows kind of feel-good movie.  But it’s a movie that makes you feel good deep down inside.  Because even though life can be hard, there’s still always a reason to be hopeful.  And the songs!  Oh, the song.  These songs are … wonderful.  Our local PBS station broadcasts “Fiddler” about once a year, and even though I own it, I usually watch it on TV when it’s being aired.  Now that I have kids, every time I hear “Sunrise, Sunset,” I cry.  Every time.


4 thoughts on “Share your favorite feel-good movie! — UPDATED

  1. Your mileage my vary here, but, I like Ocean’s Eleven and Superman Returns as “feel good” movies. That may seem odd to you, but, hey, what have we agreed on since we met? 😉


    Hey there, Goon,

    I actually DO like Ocean’s Eleven. I even own it! I had forgotten about that one! Excellent.

    Superman Returns? Well, perhaps I’m dating myself by admitting that … I’ve never seen it. That would be a new one to watch for sure! Thanks!

    ~ Emily

  2. I agree with Goon on “Ocean’s Eleven” (“Ocean’s Thirteen” was also very good – didn’t care for “Ocean’s Twelve” though.) I would also recommend “Pride & Prejudice”, “While You Were Sleeping”, “Never Been Kissed”, “Hope Floats”, “Dance with Me”, “Strictly Ballroom”, “Shall We Dance?” and “Miss Congeniality”. Christian would like to recommend “27 Dresses” as he is really into Katherine Heigl right now. I know, mostly “chick flicks” but that’s what I always liked to watch when Brian was out of town or working late. 🙂

    I always wanted to see Strictly Ballroom – I had forgotten about that one! And, yes, While You Were Sleeping – I haven’t seen that one in years, but I’ve always liked it! Thanks!

  3. I seem to like the cheese-y girl-power type movies, such as “Honey” (starring Jessica Alba) and “Bend it Like Beckham.” I agree on Miss Congeniality – very good! I just rented “A Lot Like Love” and really enjoyed it. And then there’s my all-time favorite, “The Sound of Music.” Who can feel down when singing “Do-Re-Mi” at the top of your lungs with the von Trapp kids? 😉

    I always wanted to see Bend It Like Beckham – now since KT likes it, I have another reason to see it!

    And, of course, The Sound of Music. Did you know that I played Maria in FVL’s production of this? My one moment of fame!

  4. I’m surprised no one has mentioned Anne of Green Gables yet – my old standby. Plus it’s really long, so you will get a lot of milage out of it! 🙂
    (plus you can watch it while the kids are awake – always a plus for me!)

    Anne of Green Gables! When I was a child and got sick, my mother would always go to the library and pick up that movie for me, so I could watch it while I lounged on the couch. In later years, we bought the movie, but it was still a treat to have the time to sit and watch all four hours of it. That movie always made me feel good inside even though my body felt horrible. Thanks!

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