and, she’s off!

Curious J is WALKING.

JJ, her Daddy, has been gone barely three days, and in that short time, her walking has exploded.  She practically does laps around the toyroom and kitchen.  She likes to walk holding toys in her hands, she definitely “toddles” and she still falls frequently, but there’s no doubt about it — She Is Walking.  And she never cries or gets dejected when she falls.  She just picks herself up and tries again.  If she wants to get somewhere fast, she still resorts to crawling, but left to her own devices (such as when her momma is typing on the computer) she consistently chooses to walk.  Lyd and I have kept the toyroom more picked up than usual, which gives J plenty of space to practice her craft.  It’s really something to watch.  I told JJ about his daughter’s walking, and he and I agreed that we don’t remember Lyd learning to walk like this.  It’s just amazing: If you had told me a week ago that today she’d be walking as much as she is, I would not have believed it.  Yet, here she is there she goes!  Amazing child.

But in other, not-so-thrilling news, I am fearing that this child is already transitioning to one nap.  ONE NAP???  How can this be?  Well, unfortunately Healthy Sleep Habits, Happy Child DOES says that by age one, around 20% of kids are only taking one nap.  So, it is within the realm of possibility.  But, why me?  It seems so strange, as Lyd continues to be such a GOOD sleeper, and she’s still a good napper, too!  I feel like I have children at two ends of the spectrum as far as sleep goes.  I’m not sure what to do with this, although the logical solution (recommended by HSHHC) is to move the morning nap later, to 11:30 or noon, and to move the bedtime as early as possible, to 6:30 or even 6:00.  There are some advantages to this: I would like to do a morning music class with Curious J, and if she’s not taking a morning nap, we have a lot more options to make that happen.  But, man, no morning nap??  I am bummed.

Curious J is a unique baby; even when I was pregnant with her, I KNEW she was going to be different than Lyd.  Call it a premonition or just call it mother’s intuition, but I knew I was in for a completely different parenting experience.  Well, I am 5 days away from having completed one year of parenting this girl, and I can assure you that my premonition/intuition was EXACTLY right.  She is the opposite of Lyd in so many ways.  But, she’s also taught me so much.  I was truly worried that I would not be able to love a second child as much as I loved my first child, and I was especially worried about loving a child whom I knew would be so different from her big sister.  Yet, the Lord always works everything out for good, and I know that I am a better mother from having had BOTH of my children than I would have been if I had only had Lyd.  And I DO love this second child of mine.  She is an absolute blessing  from heaven, I love her more every day, and I am so grateful to have been given the opportunity to raise her.

Off to chase my baby toddler!  Ack!