eleven hours, people!

JJ is home, safe and sound.  Yay!

I am very close to being over my cold.  Yay!

Curious J still has her cold, but it seems to now be at the same “almost done” stage as mine.  Yay!

And my baby is most definitely walking.  She spends about 95% of her upright time walking now.  She hardly ever crawls.  This is absolutely amazing to me, especially since one week ago she was only taking one or two steps here and there.  She is officially a toddler!



(drumroll please)


Curious J slept ELEVEN HOURS STRAIGHT last night.  She did wake up around 10:30 and cry a bit when I stealthily opened her door before I went to bed, but as the house was dark and quiet she settled back down within a minute or two and I didn’t hear a peep out of her the rest of the night.  NOT A PEEP.  She woke up at 6:30 this morning.  Unbelievable.

This is a first, people.  Honest to goodness, I don’t believe this baby has EVER in her ENTIRE LIFE slept eleven hours straight!  Never!

And, get this: she had the fan pointed directly at her (on low) all night, too.  When I got her up this morning, her skin was cold as ice, but she was happy as a clam.  Perhaps she has my husband’s constitution – she likes to be on the cool side.

Fingers crossed that this glorious trend continues!  I could get used to this sleep thing…


3 thoughts on “eleven hours, people!

  1. Unfortunately, last night she woke up at least every two hours. 😦

    However, we went out to eat at Fresh Choice restaurant last night (which, for you midwesterners, is a sort of healthy Old Country Buffet), and I don’t think Curious J ate enough food. I brought some fruit along for her, but I figured she could fill up on the rest at Fresh Choice. Well, she COULD have, but she chose not to. She decided instead to fling all her food onto the floor, where it got ground into the carpet. JJ and I left some money on the table to make it up to the bussers who would have to clean up our mess. This morning, after the very rough night, JJ and I made her a super-early breakfast, and that seemed to help. She’s still on the cranky side, so now, at 8am, she is going down for an early nap.

    But, last night Curious J did practice her new walking skills around the restaurant as JJ and I took turns following her, and she delighted many people with her tottering walking. She IS cute. And this morning we haven’t seen her even attempt to crawl once. It’s all walking, baby!

    Oh, well. Hopefully we can feed our child adaquately today, and she’ll have another good night tonight. Fingers crossed…

  2. Well! I made sure Curious J ate well yesterday. Plus, she took TWO naps. And, lo and behond, she slept ten hours straight last night! So, I think we may be on to something good… 🙂

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