a post for the overwhelmed mother

I discovered some new blog gems this week, blogs that I am excited to begin following.  One mother wrote a post that I feel just sums up so much of what I try to express here on my own blog.  The post is titled: Overwhelmed.  What especially resonated with me was when she said:

And here is the crux of my fear. How long before [my children] see through me and realize that I’m not yet that grown up that I want to help them become?

Gads, I’ve said that so many times to myself.  I even titled my blog along those lines: Not Finished Yet.  Some days I don’t understand how I can be 31, be married 8 years, and have 2 kids, let alone pay taxes and drive a minivan.  How can this be?  When did I become a grown-up?  And how do I make it stop?  So, click over and read her post; you won’t be sorry.

And now, I’m off to bed.  My rising or falling anxiety levels have been directly linked to the amount of sleep I’ve gotten this week, so I need to grab all the sleep I can.  Tomorrow is a busy day: I play organ for church, and afterwards is our annual church picnic.  There will be a bouncy house there, and Lyd is psyched for that.  She and her schoolmates will be singing in church for the first time tomorrow.  JJ chose the new Supplement hymn “Blessed Are They Which Are Called” for the kiddos to sing, and they sound SO CUTE!  I am singing a solo in church tomorrow, too – a lovely setting of Psalm 23 that I’ve done many times before.  JJ will come back to the organ to play while I sing.  I haven’t yet created my food contribution for the church picnic tomorrow, so I’m going to have to take care of that early tomorrow morning.  But, no fear: Curious J will wake me up in plenty of time tomorrow morning, as she has continued getting up around 6:45 every morning.  Sigh.  At least she goes to bed early…