cooking with Brahms

Every Sunday morning from 7-9am, our local classical music radio station plays two hours of religious choral music.  They usually play some larger choral work, such as a Mass or a Requiem, and then fill out the time with shorter choral works.  Being the choral music aficionado that I am, this program is one that I really enjoy.  This morning, just as I had turned the radio on, they started playing one of my all-time favorite choral works, Johannes Brahm’s masterpiece, “Ein Deutches Requiem.”  I was privileged to have the opportunity to sing this piece with the San Francisco Symphony Orchestra and Chorus during their ’01-’02 season, and it was such a treat to hear that entire work performed this morning.  I sang along happily as I put together my Crock Pot Enchiladas for the church picnic.  It worked out well that I sang so much this morning — when it came time to sing the Psalm in church, my voice was all warmed up, and I was able to nail the high G at the end with no problem.

Those of you choral music people out there, when’s the last time you listened to A German Requiem?  If you haven’t, I highly recommend pulling that CD off your shelf and giving it a listen.  That work just gets better with age.

And the enchiladas didn’t turn out too badly either!  🙂


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  1. Hey, can I get that enchilada recipe??? Anything you can put in the crock pot sounds good to me! 😉

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