others’ thoughts on politics, the gospel, and Lutheranism

My carpal tunnel has really been bothering me at lot recently, henceforth the shorter, lighter posts of late.  So today, I thought I’d share some interesting links with you.

I found two fascinating posts over at Chewymom.

  1. In her post Intelligent People Disagree, she talks about Christianity and politics, how they can cause problems when they are mixed together, and how there is a distinct lack of love in her Christian community when it comes to politics.  I commented on her post, but my comment is still awaiting moderation.
  2. In her post I’m a Raisin, she gives an insider’s perspective on something my husband preaches about every Sunday — the importance of the gospel.  The majority of Christian culture in the US today is very law-oriented.  Most, if not all, of mainstream Christianity today is focused on life here on earth, as evidenced by the popularity of Rick Warren‘s book “The Purpose-Driven Life” and Joel Osteen‘s book “Your Best Life Now.”  These books, as well as many like them, trumpet things like “5 steps to spirituality!” or “7 roadblocks to real love!” or “10 ways to enhance your prayer life!” — all of which put the focus on the individual, not on God.  Mission trips focus on helping the poor and needy (which is a noble goal), but fail to keep a similar strong emphasis on spreading the gospel.  Mainstream Christian churches offer “praise services” where members are kept busy praising God, but are they regularly reminded what they’re praising him for, other than that he’s the sovereign God, creator of heaven and earth?  Focusing primarily on God as creator is what my husband calls “first article Christianity” in reference to the first article of the Creed, where we say, “I believe in God the father, maker of heaven and earth.”  But if you don’t get beyond that, if you don’t get into the second article, filled with the story of Jesus’ saving work of redemption, then are you on a solid path to heaven?  In keeping the focus here in this world, we lose the gospel-centered focus on eternity, on the world to come.  Maybe we’re all living as godly wives and husbands, children, employers/employees, citizens of our country — but if our focus is on that, are our eyes “fixed on Jesus, the author and perfecter of our faith” the way they need to be?  SOOOO, as a lifelong Lutheran, it was fascinating to read this post written by someone outside of Lutheranism who is aching for the gospel, and tired of just the law.

Finally, I found a blog a few weeks ago written by a man in the process of deciding whether to convert to the Lutheran faith as practiced in his local WELS church.  His thoughts on his journey have been most interesting to me, and perhaps you’ll find it interesting, too.  His blog is entitled Be Ye Reconciled.

Happy reading!