pretty sparkles

Since my arm and hand have needed a break, I have instead been semi-industrious today, doing (half of the) laundry, paying bills, etc.  But I do have two fun things to share.  First is that Lyd and I made a big batch of Kitchen Sink Cookies to serve at school hot lunch tomorrow.  Lyd had the good idea to make smaller cookies rather than larger cookies, and I followed her lead, realizing that my mother would do the same thing.  So, smaller cookies they are!  And, yum, are they delicious!

The other fun thing that happened today is that I picked up my two diamond rings from the jewelers where they had been repaired.  My wedding ring needed a more secure mounting for the big diamond in the middle, and my sapphire and diamond ring (a Christmas present from JJ four years ago) needed a new small diamond, as one had been lost.  Now my rings are all shiny and new again, and my wedding ring looks just as brilliant and sparkly as the day I first put it on:

My nails don’t look as good, however.  I have never been one known for having good-looking nails, but the One Day of her whole life where a girl would like to have her nails looking good, mine did.  I am content.

(The funny thing is that I never even thought to get my nails done before my wedding!  I just don’t think of those things.  However, there happened to be a little lag time at the salon where I got my hair done, and I asked if it was possible for me to get my nails done while I was waiting.  And, by sheer luck, they had an opening!  It worked out perfectly!  So, that is the one and only french manicure I have ever had done, and what a perfect day for it!)