my new computer set-up

I’m trying something new with my computer set-up, and hopefully this will be a little more ergonomic for me.  My monitor is propped up on two reams of paper, so that it will hopefully be more at eye level for me.  I have a huge monitor, 14 inches across and 11 inches high.  It was given to me for free by a member of our church who works in Silicon Valley and got this monitor free from his work when they switched to flat-screen monitors.  It’s got fantastic color, and I love it, but on this tiny little computer table, it’s a behemoth.  But, I’m thankful to have it.  However, if I can find a good, smaller flat-screen monitor, I would be even more thankful.  Maybe that’s what I should ask for from JJ for Christmas and/or my birthday.  Or maybe I’ll just ask for more jewelry.  There were some pretty pretty pretties when I picked up my rings at the jewelers yesterday…  🙂

I also propped up my keyboard on some old cross-stitching books.  I don’t know where I got these books, I’m certainly not using them, and at least now they’re being put to some good use.  I can tell already that my shoulder feels different in this posture, so I’m hopeful that this new set-up will be at least something of an improvement.  Hopefully it won’t make it worse.  I had a visit with an old friend today, and she works on the computer much of her day, so I asked her if she had any ideas about how to improve my computer set-up, and she said that my body should be at right angles when I work.  She also said that my computer desk is really too small for me, but that’s not a surprise, as I bought it from some guy off of Craigslist, and I bought it because it was small, not because it was ergonomic.  So, this propping up of the monitor and keyboard are attempts to make more right angles.  Although, in the case of the monitor, the goal is to have no angle at all.

The position of my mouse is still a problem, but I decided that when I’m typing, I’m just going to use the mouse as little as possible.  When I DO use my mouse for surfing the web, I will move my chair and the monitor; hopefully that will offset any more problems.  I’m also going to try to keep my feet flat on the floor and sit up straight when I type.  I may even get my big old exercise ball in from the garage and try sitting on that to see if it will help.  However, it would probably be too low, but it’s worth a try.

Well, after typing all this it seems that this set-up isn’t making my carpal tunnel any worse.  This is good.  My right shoulder is feeling a little sore, but that’s my sore side anyway, and I know it’s out of whack right now.  I have my chiropractor appointment on Monday, so he’ll get it back into alignment then.

I also think I need to get back into some sort of regular exercise routine again.  And, I would like to take a yoga class.  I took one class once upon a time, right after I found out I was pregnant with Baby J.  I liked the class, but due to my pregnancy and due to getting sick, I never went back.  I’d like to find another class and try again.  From everything I hear it would be a good kind of workout for me.  And my balance has never been as good as it used to be since my foot surgery almost 3 years ago.  I know that the park & rec department in the city next door has a mom/baby yoga thing – maybe I’ll have to look into that.

My making hot lunch for our school went well yesterday.  The kids all liked making their own tacos, and they loved the cookies.  I decided to fry each tortilla shell separately since it makes the shells taste SO GOOD, but it took much longer than I had anticipated.  Luckily, I started early enough that I still managed to finish before noon arrived.  Most of the kids seemed to like the grape jello with grapes in it, and they all LOVED the Kitchen Sink Cookies.  Luckily, I had not put the nuts in, because as it turned out one kid was allergic to nuts.  I made exactly the right number of shells, but I made too much meat.  So last night I invited my good friend J over for supper with her husband and her two kids who are almost the exact same age as my two girls.  It was nice to have enough leftovers to be able to invite company over, and having company on a Friday night made me feel like I almost have a social life!  🙂

Tonight’s plan is to fold the 4 loads of laundry that are currently taking up residence on my couch.  I don’t have to play organ for church tomorrow, so that’s one less thing to worry about.  I also may mop my kitchen floor.  It desperately needs it, and for whatever reason, that’s a task that often gets done on a Saturday night.  I have to decide on something for supper.  I have a pound of ground beef currently thawed in my fridge, and it needs to get used up.  Maybe I’ll make spaghetti, as I haven’t made that in a while, or else I’ll make some kind of casserole that my baby can eat, too.

My other plan is to get to bed reasonably early.  I’ve been in bed after midnight the last two nights, although I’m not quite sure why.  I was feeling quite fatigued during my music teaching this morning, and I don’t want to risk getting sick again, not when I’ve just been healthy for a week.  I should also plan some sort of special activity for Monday, as there’s no school.  Lyd is going to be bored!  Actually, I know what I’m going to do: Both girls need to get their pictures taken at Sears, so I’ll schedule that for Monday.  Curious J just turned one, and Lyd turns five in two weeks, so it’s time for the yearly milestone picture.  Perhaps she and I can make another batch of cookies, too.  I crushed way too many cornflakes, and the double batch of cookies that I initially made are almost gone already.

And, hopefully, this new computer set-up will do the trick for me, and I can get back to enjoying typing on my computer again!