in which I get a bit industrious

After whining on my blog last night, and later having a good cry, I feel a little better today.  I didn’t get a great night of sleep last night, but it was better than previous nights.  It was enough to give me a much better day today.

This morning I did something that I’ve been meaning to do for weeks — I finally took Curious J to a Music Together class.  I teach MT classes two mornings a week, but I have found it too difficult to teach with a child of mine in the class.  At the same time, I have found it just as hard to make things work out to take her to a class myself!  But this morning, the pieces finally fell into place, and J and I made it to MT class.  And, oh, did she LOVE IT.  J is not the smiliest baby that there ever was, but once in the room she literally did not stop smiling for the first ten minutes!  It was very, very cute, and it renewed my resolve to Get This Girl to Music Class on a regular basis.  Due to missing her regular morning nap, J thoroughly petered out by the end of class and was quite fussy, but it was worth it.  I liked this particular class, but considering how she melted down at the end of it, I think I may need to find a class that starts earlier.  Regardless, it was fun to be out with my baby, it was fun to do the mommy-and-me thing, it was fun to see my child being all cute and smiley, it was fun to hear people say “Your daughter looks just like you!” and it was fun to attend a different MT teacher’s class and get inspired to work harder at teaching my own MT classes.

J almost fell asleep in the car on the 15 minute drive home, and I put her down for a nap the minute I walked in the door.  With J napping, Lyd still in school, and JJ off visiting an elderly member of our church, I found myself on my own with some time to actually Start Something.  And, yay me, I did!  I did pop onto the internet for a bit, but I tore myself away and cooked up the 12 apples that had been sitting on my counter for almost a week.  I also planned my supper, deciding to use up a 2 pound pork tenderloin that had been in my freezer for too long.  And, I made some progress with the paper clutter in my kitchen that always seems to resurface, no matter what I do.  Darn postal service and daily newspaper!

This evening, after making (if I do say so myself) a delicious supper (Special Pork Tenderloin (using some of my freshly made applesauce!), mashed potatoes, baked acorn squash with butter and brown sugar) I started another pressing project – Tackling the Freezer.

JJ and I have debated buying a chest freezer for quite some time.  Lately, we were thinking that we would get one, so I mentioned this to my Grandma Violet earlier this week in a phone conversation.  I was surprised to hear her recommend against it!  However, when she explained that in her opinion a chest freezer just allows a person to stock up a whole bunch of food and promptly forget to use it all up before it goes bad, I had to admit that, knowing myself, she was right.  If I was in a position to buy a quarter of a cow or something, that would be different, but I’m not currently in that position.  Up until one hour ago, I had 2.5 refrigerator-freezers filled with food – one in our house, one in JJ’s office next door, and half of one down in the church kitchen.  The church kitchen one stored all of my homemade freezer jam that I made this past summer, and about one-third of the freezer in JJ’s office stores all my quart bags of frozen blueberries, raspberries, and sour cherries.  However, this past weekend I noticed that my freezer jams in the church kitchen didn’t seem to be quite so frozen as they had been before.  I didn’t panic too much, as there were also 3 large bags of ice in that freezer leftover from the church picnic a few weeks ago.  But those bags of ice weren’t quite as hard as they had been before, either.  So, I decided that this week, I needed to move all those jams over to the other freezers.  This meant that I had to go through everything in my freezers and move stuff around.

Long story short, I did that this evening after supper while JJ was giving the girls their baths.  It was good to see what food I had, what I don’t need to buy any more of and what I need to use up.  Thanks to this informal taking of inventory, I now have some meal ideas planned (just in time for JJ to be gone for almost a week.  Hmm.)  But, best of all, I DID find a way to transfer all that freezer jam into my other two freezers.  However, our two freezers are now QUITE FULL, and we can NOT buy anything more to go into them until use some of this stuff up.  I forsee some creative meals ahead…  🙂

ANYWAY, the reason I’m going on and on about my day (because I want to use my blog to record my feelings and attitudes about my life, not merely events and happenings in my life, although those certainly play an important role) is that I was very industrious today, and it felt good.  I was physically busy — going to music class, working in the kitchen, hauling frozen food up and down the church stairs — and it felt good.  I need to be physically active more, as I mentioned last night.  And I know that I CAN be industrious, as I’ve mentioned previously.  I just need to find an impetus to DO IT.  I want to find those reasons on a daily basis, as I think it will make me a better mommy and better able to handle a larger family.

Somewhere in the Laura Ingalls Wilder “Little House” books, Pa says to Laura, “Success gets to be a habit, just like anything a fellow does.”  (Can you name which Little House book in which that quote is found?  I offer you no wonderful prize except being proclaimed correct on my blog!  🙂  )  That phrase of Pa’s came to my mind today as I pondered being busy as I was … being busy.  I am hopeful that each successful day that I have contributes to it becoming a habit with me.  And I consider a day a success where I feel productive and useful, when I don’t feel that I have been lazy and shirking of my motherly responsibilities.  But sleep definitely helps.  It’s hard to be productive when you’re exhausted.


Finally, I’m also a little energized tonight because of the final presidential debate.  McCain finally said some of the things that I had been hoping he would say, and JJ and I were excited.  I’m not as hopeful as I was previously that McCain will win, but I know that even if Obama wins, the Lord is still in control and will work things out for good.  Everything is going to be just fine.  Heaven is still my home, and no politician, liberal or conservative, can take that away from me.