Proposition 8 – a constitutional ban on gay marriage

For those of you non-Californians out there, the state of California is voting on a number of propositions this election day.  One proposition in particular is garnering a lot of interest — Proposition 8 proposes to amend the CA state constitution to read as follows:

“Only marriage between a man and a woman is valid or recognized in California.”

If this passes, this will cause quite a fury in CA, especially since a California federal court began allowing gay marriages earlier this year.

One would think that in a liberal state like California, voting down such a porposition would not be difficult.  I live in the uber-liberal San Francisco Bay Area, and rarely do I hear people oppose gay marriage around here, certainly not publicly, and especially not in the liberal news media.

With that in mind, I was blown away when I read the results of a poll that my local newspaper had taken.  This (liberal) paper asked its readers to answer the question:

Do you support Prop. 8, which eliminates the right of same-sex couples to marry?

The responses were:

Yes – 78%
No  – 22%

Wow!  This was, admittedly, an unscientific poll, but still!  That’s almost a 4 to 1 margin!  In the Bay Area!  And this from subscribers to a liberal newspaper!  Amazing!

Even more interesting were the short reader letters printed with the poll.  (Sorry, I couldn’t find a link showing the poll response listing.  But I promise you, I didn’t lie.)  The newspaper chose 20 letters to print, and of those 20 letters, 16 were against Prop. 8, and 4 were for Prop. 8.  So, this liberal paper exerted its liberal bias by printing 4 “vote no” letters to every 1 “vote yes” letters printed!  The sheer hypocrisy and bias of that is mind-boggling.

(Although, I have an alternative explanation for that.  Perhaps there are many people who do not support gay marriage, but don’t like to talk about it.  It’s certainly not politically correct, especially around here.  Frankly, if I had responded to this poll, I wouldn’t have written a letter, either.  Which makes me think that Prop 8 has a very good chance of passing here in California, better than I would have ever imagined.)

Personally and as a Christian, I am against gay marriage.  But from that Christian perspective, I am not sure that voting against it will achieve the desired outcome.  I recently found this post that says much of what I’ve attempted to say in the past.  Forcing people to act morally will only change their actions, not their hearts.  It takes a change of heart to get people to heaven, and that’s what the life of a Christian is to be all about.  Christian living is not about creating a Christian utopia here on earth.

Yet when all’s said and done, I will vote “yes” on Prop. 8.  Besides my religious beliefs, I also believe that traditional, nuclear families with one mother and one father are the best foundation of society.  Traditional marriage isn’t perfect and those marriage are carried out by sinful people in a sinful world, but it’s been proven to be the best for raising children, and it poses the most positive benefits to society as a whole.

But, I wish it didn’t have to be like this.  If Prop. 8 passes, will the impasse between pro-gay marriage and anti-gay marriage become a rift similar to the abortion debate where each side talks past the other one and they never see eye to eye?  It would be tragic if the attempt to create a more moral society actually drives people away from the cross of Christ.


I had to laugh, though, when I heard about this story.  My super-conservative uncle back in northern WI had heard about it on talk radio, and he told me about it when I had called up to visit with Grandma Violet.  You gotta admit, what perfect timing for the Prop. 8 advocates!  Newsome, what were you thinking?

Speaking of the egotistical SF mayor, I also love the commercial that the Prop. 8 advocates are running with Gavin Newsome saying [in regards to gay marriage]: “It’s gonna happen!  This door is wiiiiide open!  It’s gonna happen!” with a cheering gay-marriage-advocating crowd behind him.  Looks like his own words are being used against him…