my own vacation – at home

I have been doing the “single mom” thing again this past week.  JJ left for the annual WELS AZ-CA pastor’s conference in Phoenix, AZ late Monday morning, and he returns home this evening (Thursday).  Outside of a bit of anxiety on Monday evening (for which I took a Bach Rescue Remedy pastille and soon felt much better), it’s been a really good time.  Not only has Curious J’s mood and sleeping taken a huge turn for the better, not only has Lyd had her fifth birthday, but I haven’t had to cook once!  🙂

It’s just like being on vacation!

(Okay, I did cook noodles for the baby.  Does that count?  And I did bake cupcakes muffins with Lyd.  Did I tell this story yet?  No?  Well, Lyd decided that she wanted to take cupcakes to school for her birthday.  I had bananas that needed to be used up out of my freezer, and Lyd wanted something with chocolate chips, so I decided to make chocolate-chip banana cupcakes.  But, somehow, I looked up muffin recipes rather than cupcake recipes, and I had already started the recipe before I realized that I was making muffins, not cupcakes.

Did I stop?  No way!  I figured that the kids wouldn’t know!  If I told them they were cupcakes, they’d believe it.

So, we made Chocolate Chip Banana Muffins (SO GOOD!), and Lyd and I frosted them with Vanilla Powdered Sugar Frosting and candy corns.  They were delicious, and no one was the wiser.  Best of all, Lyd was happy about her birthday treat, and that’s all that really mattered.)

So, except for that baking experience and making noodles for the baby, I haven’t cooked once.

I already had some leftovers in the fridge when JJ left.  Monday night the girls and I brought home supper from Whole Foods.  I got a container for Chicken Parmesan for the girls (which they both enjoyed) and some black beans, chicken, pico de gallo, lettuce, etc to go into a giant flour tortilla for myself.  Both meals provided leftovers for the next day.

And tonight, supper was provided courtesy of the church’s Lunch Lady, who is in charge of meals at a local private grade school, and often shares the leftovers with us.  There are enough leftovers for tomorrow, too.

One of the things I look forward to most about being on vacation is not having to cook.  So, even though I wasn’t able to go with my husband to pastor’s conference (because often the wives accompany their husbands, giving them the chance to visit and chat with other pastor’s wives while their husbands are at conference), I have been practically having my own vacation at home.

It’s been nice.  🙂