a birthday party

Despite losing a whole day to the stomach flu on Thursday, we went ahead with Lyd’s birthday party on Friday.  How could we not?  She had literally been counting down the days to it all week, exclaiming over and over how she couldn’t WAIT for her party, even pretending that she was still four years old until her party day arrived.  Add to that the fact that a big birthday cake-shaped bouncy house was ordered and it was too late to cancel.

So, I figuratively “sucked it up,” and plowed ahead getting things ready for the party, which started after school let out at 3:30.  I scaled it down, deciding not to provide supper for the grownups, but I managed to make Lydia’s cake and frosting from scratch, frost it myself, and even use the leftover frosting from her cupcakes to ice the cake and write “Happy Birthday” on it without turning it into a disaster.  To be honest, I was going to make a boxed cake mix, but I didn’t have the one she wanted, and I found a simple recipe that made making it from scratch almost as easy.

The party itself went well.  Lyd had wanted to invite the whole school – all 12 kids – so we said “yes.”  Besides providing the bouncy house, cake, and ice cream, I also put out a few snacks and juice for the kids.  A few other non-school friends came over, too.  The kids enjoyed the cake, the bouncy house, and Lyd’s big box of sidewalk chalk, which the kids used to fully decorate our front patio.  Lyd had a blast, and she enjoyed her party thoroughly.  I was still somewhat staggering around, but it was nice to have a chance to visit a bit with some other parents.  Most of all, I was glad for her sake that we were able to make the party happen, as I knew that Lyd would have been so devastated if we’d had to postpone/cancel it.

She’s officially five years old now – full steam ahead to six!  🙂