you win some, you lose some

I’m really disappointed that Obama won the presidency.  His viewpoints, his circle of acquaintances, his inexperience, and his “spread the wealth” socialist policies do not thrill me, to say the least.  But I trust that God will work through a Pres. Obama as much as he would have worked through a Pres. McCain.  So, there it is.  God is still in control.

JJ and I are tempering our negative Obama talk around Lyd.  After hearing her parents say for the past months that, “We don’t like Barack Obama’s ideas,” she was disappointed to hear that Obama was elected, although in her 5 year old way, she isn’t really sure what “election” or “president” or even “bad ideas” mean.  So, JJ and I assured her that it was okay that Obama is going to be the president, that she’s still going to be safe, that Momma and Daddy are still going to be here, and that her life won’t change.  JJ also tried to explain the significance of a “black” president to her, but as I don’t think she’s ever noticed the color of anyone’s skin, it didn’t seem to make any kind of impact on her.  We may not be Democrats, but we’re definitely not raising a racist child! 🙂

But in good news, Proposition 8 has passed, 52% to 48%.  The primarily-gay Castro District in San Francisco is sad this morning; the little bit of TV news that I saw reported that two couples have already hired a lawyer to fight this amendment.  I don’t see what good that would do, frankly.  It’s a constitutional amendment, not a lawsuit.  I just hope they don’t decide to “recount the votes,” and amazingly discover a whole bunch more of uncounted ballots.  This would especially be ridiculous because there were 12 propositions on our ballot, besides all the elections for president, state senate, state representatives, school board, etc.  Our ballot was the largest I’ve ever seen – two pages, front and back, so four sides in all.  So if they “recount the votes” and only the number of votes on Prop 8 change, not the other props, then I’d be extremely suspicious.

However, my husband says that this talk of legal challenge is just reactionary, not rational.  There really is nothing the No on Prop 8 people can do, except to start collecting signatures to put another constitutional amendment on the ballot that would cancel out Prop 8.  And from a logical perspective, that would not be a wise move right now.  They need to give it at least a little time before trying again.  Traditional marriage supporters may have won this fight, but I’m sure this is not the end of the battle in California.


I went into yesterday’s Election Day hoping that either my candidate would be elected president or that Prop 8 would pass.  I resolved that one of those two things happening would be good, so intellectually I’m pleased.  JJ said that if you could only pick one of those two things to happen, Prop 8 was the better choice in the long run.  He’s actually pretty upbeat this morning.  He says that Obama is going to muck everything up pretty badly, especially since the Democrats control all of Congress, and in four years, Obama will be voted out and a real Conservative will be voted in, similarly to how Jimmy Carter mucked everything up in the late 70’s, paving the way for Reagan to be voted in.  Americans are selfish – they vote the economy every time.  If Obama actually accomplishes what he said he would during the campaign, it will really hurt the economy, not help it, and people will vote him out in four years in disgrace.  Time will tell, but history is cyclical, so there’s some hope.


Finally, I meant to link to this post earlier, entitled “I Would Really Like to See Roe v Wade Overturned (But Not For the Reasons You May Think)!”  Better late than never.  I am completely with this gal on wishing that abortion wasn’t such a divisive issue in politics.  I am not always comfortable making a politician’s stance on moral issues a key point in deciding how I vote, and I wish it didn’t have to be that way.  I don’t know if our country will ever be able to separate moral issues from political policies, but it sure would be nice if it could.