deep questions from a five year old

I have been amazed at the questions that have been asked by Lyd in the past few weeks.  Her little mind is working hard, trying to make sense of some deep issues.  It’s been quite an experience for me, as her mother.

Last night, after her bedtime routine was finished, I turned out her light and opened her curtains a bit so that the big, almost-full moon would be able to “shine her to sleep.”  I was ready to leave her room when she asked me to snuggle with her for a bit, so I did, and under the light of that moon, she started to ask me questions about God.  Questions like:

  • Where is heaven?
  • How does God take us to heaven when we die?
  • Will we eat food in heaven?
  • Is there nighttime in heaven? Will we have to sleep in heaven?
  • Do only old people go to heaven?
  • Why did God make hell?

It’s wonderful to be able to talk honestly and openly with my daughter, recognizing how amazingly impressionable she is right now.  I love seeing her faith grow, and I especially love that she knows that she’s going to heaven when she dies because she believes in Jesus.  I’ve heard this own admission come from her mouth many, many times, and I can’t tell you how sweet it is.  It’s such a reassurance to be able to promise your daughter that no matter what, you WILL be together forever in heaven.  I can’t imagine living without that hope.

And, she also knows that we want to tell other people about Jesus, so that they can go to heaven, too!  🙂  She says that often.  That’s my girl!


And, continuing in the “Lyd is very impressionable” theme, yesterday she had a friend over, and the conversation went as follows:

Other girl: I’m glad Barack Obamama won! (yes, she mispronounced it someway like that)  I like him!
Lyd: We don’t like Barack Obama. He’s going to take all our money away from us, and that’s a bad idea.

Ha ha!  That one is the fault of my husband.  😉

But on a more serious Obama-note, Lyd asked this morning, “Momma, is Barack Obama a good guy?”  She has a mental thing right now with “good” guys and “bad” guys, a distinction that is, as of yet, unclear in her mind.  I’m not exactly sure where it came from, although I suspect it has something to do with the a play date in the past few months with a boy who wanted to play guns.  I said it was okay, as long as they only shot the “bad guys.”  I didn’t think much beyond that, but it’s turned into a big philosophical quandry for Lyd: Who are the “bad guys”?

So, Lyd asked if Obama was a bad guy, and I responded, “No, he’s not a bad guy.  He’s probably a very nice person, if we were to meet him.  He has some ideas that we don’t like, and he has done some things that we don’t like, but we still think he’s a good person.  Just like you do some things that we don’t always like, it doesn’t mean that you’re a bad person, and it certainly doesn’t mean that we don’t like you.” I went on to explain that Obama was a father with two young daughters, just like her daddy has two daughters, Lyd and Curious J.  That seemed to make her feel better, although it probably created more questions that will surface later.

Lyd’s little brain is just abuzz with activity these days!  Although, it’s also not uncommon for her to ask a fairly deep theological question, and then follow it up with a totally unrelated, five year old-ish question about her toys.  I guess that’s normal.


Finally, Lyd provided the quote of the week in her Kindergarten class, as recorded by her teacher in the weekly newsletter.  Lyd has also had the concept of “growing up” on her brain this week, as reflected in this question to her friend, “Ava, when I grow up can we still be friends?”  🙂

What a girl.


One thought on “deep questions from a five year old

  1. Just wanted to add that tonight, while getting ready for bed, out of the blue Lyd said to me excitedly, “Momma, I can’t WAIT to get to heaven! It’s going to be so much fun!”

    I think she thinks it’s going to be like one big long party, complete with bouncy houses, cake, candy, and no tummy aches. Who knows? She may be right!

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