just thinkin’ about it makes me itchy

So, there’s no school today.  Or the next two days.  Why?  Well, the teachers potentially have scabies.

(Those of you who attended WLC during a certain semester will remember that there was a scabies outbreak on a certain dorm floor.  JJ and I remember attending a Divers concert in the Warrior Underground where many of their song lyrics were altered, quite comically, to reflect this incident.)

How did our teachers possibly get scabies?  Well, remember when we had our little trip to Monterey?  That was able to happen because the teachers were down in southern California at Teachers’ Conference.  Apparently our two teachers, along with a bunch of other WELS teachers, were put up in a hotel that was not, shall we say, the Ritz-Carlton.  Now, a week and a half later, we are seeing the results.

Now we’re just waiting around to see if the bug bites appear on Lyd.  And if they do, the rest of us will probably get them, too.  I am beyond excited.  Can’t you just see the excitement oozing out of me.



3 thoughts on “just thinkin’ about it makes me itchy

  1. Just as an update, we never did get scabies, thank the Lord! It must have just been bedbugs. I don’t think the teachers will be staying at THAT hotel again!

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